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Compliance Insurance

6500+ Compliance Professionals Pan India take advantage of our 650+ free legal updates from our Muds Knowledge Centre

Satisfied Clients 100+
Successful execution of compliances 2,37,960
Penalties Forestalled 675 m
Evidences Documented 65,000
Man hours conserved 16000


    The Below Pie chart depicts the effect of Compliances on the risk quotient of the organization.

    Before Compliance Pie Chart

    before compliance

    After Compliance Pie Chart

    ” The cost of compliance is always lesser than the risks of non compliances .”

    Major Industries covered by Muds Compliance Insurance

    Cyber Law
    Tourism & Hospitality

    Why do you need Compliance Insurance?

    Safeguarding your interest via paying premium to Muds.
    Stay updated & compliant with new laws, rules & amendments.
    Saving ourselves from hefty fines & Imprisonment for non-compliances
    Hassle free compliance outsourcing
    Well planned & Execution of all legal Compliances
    Elimination of Loopholes in the Legal Compliance Management
    Compliant company will attract clients and investors.
    Get away with your Enterprise risks.
    Helps Avoid litigation risks and Consumer complaints.

    Why do you need Compliance Insurance?

    You can use the step-by-step wizard to quickly define compliance requirements for multiple companies/locations. You can manually configure the master data or upload the bulk data using a spreadsheet (MS Excel, CSV).

    Compliance requirements can be scheduled for multiple fiscal years, as well as vacation and weekly vacations. It can also be easily rearranged/ modified. Use spreadsheet data – MS Excel, CSV.

    Each compliance task can be assigned to its own department and user, so responsibility is not blurred.

    Compliance helps, organizations to complete the task for your Company and to-do items as well as data related to tasks in different file formats, such as MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, challan copies, documents, spreadsheets, scanned documents and any other electronic file formats.

    Tracking of compliance requirements is its one of the biggest USPs. Our organization keeps a regular check with the update requirement of the different prevailing state and central laws.

    Internal challenges faced in Compliances

    Lack of ownership
    Lack of Knowledge
    Segmented initiatives
    Process & process owner changes
    Multiple dealers & Contract
    Document Required

    Need For Comprehensive Compliance Solution..!!

    Business Complexities, legislative changes, dependencies on external vendors have increased need for a robust system.


    Different no. of legislations
    Central & States Laws
    Multiple regulations
    Multiple Organisation locations
    Industry Specific Guidelines & Policies


    Periodical reports to Management
    Dependence on all depts
    3,500+ compliances from 99+ Acts to be reported every year

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      New Regulation


      Company Laws
      SEBI Regulations – SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015, UPSI
      Employment and Labour Law 2019
      Human Rights
      Anti-Harassment and Abuse
      Anti-Discrimination; Legal Right to Work

      Muds Solution Directory

      Enterprise Solutions

      Compliance Service Management
      We ensure We advise We resolve
      • Audits & due diligences
      • Ensuring that the markets are fair, efficient and transparent
      • Provide legal updates
      • Construe responsibility matrix
      • The business on rules and regulation
      • Control and supervise the implementation
      • Chronicle compliance with evidencey
      • We resolve the knowledge barrier
      • Monitor and report on the effectiveness of these rules and regulation

      Enterprise Solutions

      Compliance Service Management
      We manage We Identify We reduce risk
      • Audits related to compliances
      • Due diligences
      • Enhancement of team productiveness
      • Felicitation of legal advisory
      • Managing teams during design and construction of application development
      • Monitoring strategic relationships
      • Identify applicable compliance
      • Build consensus between teams
      • Reduction of systemic risk
      • Reduction of financial crime

      Advisory Portals

      • Total complianceAdvisory
      • Consists 685+ Corporate Actions
      • Deals with effect of 325+ Acts
      • Throws light on 13,800+ compliances
      • Evaluates regulatory risks associated with decisions
      • Detailed description of risks, exceptions and penalties
      • An outstanding portal that discloses all your registration needs
      • 480+Registrations, Approvals & Licenses
      • 350+ Central & State Acts covered
      • Discusses all regulatory requirements under an Act
      • Applicability & Exceptions enumerated

      Muds Knowledge Centre

      Legal Updates
      Procedures & Policy
      Act Encyclopaedia


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      Frequently Asked Questions on Compliance Insurance
      How Does The Compliance Process Work?

      Compliance means managing the working of an organization within the legal framework as provided by various existing laws, also it includes giving importance and detailing every minute aspect in an Organisation. Further, the process includes segregating the Organisation  into various departments and then studying each department whether it’s up to date with the recent government policies or not, if not filling the gaps and deficits.

      What Is The Need Of A Compliance Program In An Organisation?

      Compliance is a vital element for legal completeness, legal consistency and working of any business in order to avoid unnecessary fine and other punishments as mentioned in different Acts applicable to a particular business line.

      What Are The Applicable Laws?

      It majorly depend upon  the type of industry, but few common laws that are similar in all the industries are Labour laws, Prevention of Sexual harassment at workplace Act, Maternity Benefits Act etc.

      How Much Time Will It Take To Do The Full Compliance Of The Company?

      It totally depends upon the size of the industry, tentatively it takes somewhere around 30-45 days to make a detailed checklist and a business fully complaint.

      Thanks Muds Team for their all round support in successful delivery of services. Their approach is Client Centric and they possess the deep understanding of the Subject

      Devender Agarwal

      Founder Rgyan
      Their Professional Approach blended with personal touch eases out all hassals in the Transaction.

      Tanwir Alam

      Founder Fincart
      We have been working with Muds since 4 years and their service is dependable. I highly recommend Muds in every facets of Business for the hassal free sleep.

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