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Tax Registration and Licenses: ESI/PF
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Tax Registration And Licenses: ESI/PF

Assistance in ESI registration of Employees
PF registration services for employees of the company
Compilation of documents related to registration
Regular follow-up from ESI and EPFO
Advisory on meeting all compliance norms of ESI/EPFO



    It is an individual-funding social security as well as health insurance scheme for Indian workers. The strategy serves Employees with a comprehensive Social Security Scheme for protecting the employees during sickness, injury or disability.


    An Employment Provident Fund (i.e. EPF) is a retirement perk that is usable by all salaried employees. This reserve is controlled and supervised by the EPFO (i.e. the Employees Provident Fund Organisation of India). Any organisation employing 20 employees or more is needed to register under the EPFO as per our legal framework. Contribution to the PF account is mandatory for each employee earning a basic salary up to INR 6500. It is simply a savings medium that enables employees to set aside a fraction of their resource each month. The amount so gathered can be utilised in a situation if the employee is concluded inefficient to work or upon withdrawal (whatever is early). Once a person starts working, both the employer as well as the employee have to add (3.67% is contribute by the former and 8.33 by the later) 12% of the basic salary along with dearness allowance (in case any) into the EPF account. The ROI (i.e. rate of interest) on PF is 8.5% p.a.

    ESI Registration

    Employees State Insurance(ESI) is an individual-funding public friendly security as well as health insurance strategy designed especially for the Indian workforce. For each worker making INR 21000 or less every month as wages, the employer provides 4.75 percent and the worker himself has to contribute 1.75 percentage making the total share as 6.5 percent. This reserve is governed by the ESI Corporation (ESI) as per the rules and regulations designated within the ESI Act 1948, that supervises as well as commands the supply of medical as well as cash benefits to the employees and their family with the help of its extensive network of branch offices, dispensaries and hospitals throughout our country. ESI is an independent corporation under the umbrella of the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India. Still most of the infirmaries and hospitals are run by respective state governments. Employees registered under the ESI enjoy a series of advantages covered by the plan. Employees relish medical attendance along with treatment for the person covered as well as their families including full range of medical, surgical and obstetric treatment, supply of all drugs, ambulance services, super-specialty consultation, etc., Moreover, along with the medical care, insured persons also enjoys sick pay benefits. Enrollment with ESI supplies the employee with numerous benefits and improves worker morale and retention.

    ESI Benefits

    Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESI) is a self-ESI that equips the employees enrolled under the scheme with a host of medical as well as sickness benefits. Employees enrolled under the scheme can use medical facilities and along with it they are also entitled for sick pay benefits.
    Document Required
    Documents Required For Provident Fund

    A. For partnership firms

    Name of the partnership firm
    Certificate of Registration Firms in case of Partnership firm.
    Partnership deed in case of partnership firms
    Id proof of partners –Pan card /Election Card / Passport/Driving license
    List of all partners with telephone number and address proof of all partners.
    Initial bill raised by the Partnership firms.

    B. For Proprietor

    Name of the applicant
    Pan card of applicant
    Id proof of the applicant like Driving license/Passport/Election Card
    Address proof of applicant.
    Certificate of incorporation of the proprietor
    Full analysis of the applicant with their residential address and telephone number

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      C. Society /Trust

      In case of Society, Trust etc, Registration of the organization with concern authority.
      Certificate of incorporation of society/trust.
      MOA’s as well as BY Laws of society and trust.
      Id proof of president and all members of society
      Complete details of president and all members with their complete address and telephone number.
      Pan card of society/trust

      D. Common requirements

      First sale bill
      First purchase bill of raw material and machinery
      Coverage Performa
      Registration of ST/CST/ Vat certificate if in case registered with Sales Tax Department
      Central excise registration no.
      Service tax no
      Name of the bankers, address of the bank and name of the responsible for financial affairs.
      Duplicate (i.e. copy) of Form 5A needs to be submitted to the commissioner, including details of all branches and department ,owner ,director, partners if any or any other person who is controlling its affairs within 15 days
      On receipt of form 5A, the commissioner shall verify the particulars submitted and after been satisfied and after been satisfied shall allot an establishment code number.
      A comprehensive Application known as “ Proforma for coverage”
      Balance sheet of first year’s transaction
      File managed and preserved for salary and wages along with register maintained for recording attendance since day one.
      Regular testimonies of strength of number of employees.
      Register of salary and wages, all vouchers, all balance sheets from day one to current date of provisional coverage.
      Date on which the employee joined , father’s name as well as date of birth.
      Salary, PF Statement and Bank Account Details of the company/partnership firms/proprietor
      Cross cancelled cheque

      Documents required for ESI Registration

      Enrollment Certificate or the license issued under Shops and Establishment Act or the Factories Act (as the case may be)
      MOA or AOA (Memorandum of Association OR Article of Association), Partnership Deed (in accordance with the ownership type or constitution of the establishment)
      The Initiation Certificate (or Certificate of Commencement) of production along with the GST number (in case available)
      Record of monthly employment position, salary details etc.
      Details of number and type of Partners Or Directors
      Submission of documents like: PAN Card, Address Proof of the establishment.
      Information in support of the date of commencement of the production or business
      Bank statements copy

      Continued Compliance

      Organizations under ESI ambit must file annual return displaying the changes in case any during the previous year. Return of offerings encompassing a copy of all ESI contributions paid must be submitted once every six months.


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      Frequently Asked Questions on Tax Registration and Licenses: ESI/PF
      What Is Supposed To Be The Contribution For PF On The Side Of The Two Parties (I.E. Both The Employer And Employee)?

      12% of the basic salary and it remains the same for both the parties (i.e. the employer as well as the employee).

      Is It Compulsory For All Workers To Contribute Toward PF?

      All employees with basic salary of upto INR 6500/- are needed to compulsorily contribute to the PF. Also, employees with basic salary of INR 6501 and above have an option for PF.

      Does One Have To Fill Any Form To Become A Member Of PF?

      Yes, the nomination form number 2 has to be filled for the same.

      Which Form Has To Be Filled In Order To Transfer PF Deposit?

      In this case, form number 15 has to be filed.

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