Freezing of Folios of physical shareholders... Last date for KYC is 30th October 2023... Act now Ref: SEBI Circular SEBI/HO/MIRSD/MIRSD-PoD-1/P/CIR/2023/37

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Recovery Of Shares

Transfer of shares after death of an original shareholder
Transfer of physical shares
Recovery of lost shares
Issue of duplicate shares
The claim of unclaimed shares from IEPF
The claim of dividend from IEPF
Following up with Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA) for transfer of shares
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    Recovery of unclaimed Shares
    Recovery of unclaimed Dividend
    Transfer/Transmission of Shares

    In the Early days, investment in shares was carried out through physical share certificates. The investments made in a company in the form of shares or debentures by the investors were allotted in physical form. These shares/debentures being in paper form were difficult to store and easily destroyable and losable. It was hard to keep them securely in the paper form as the investors would eventually end up losing them or dismantling them due to various reasons such as shifting from one place to another, wear & tear of the share/Debenture certificate. There could be multiple reasons as listed below for such unclaimed shares in physical form.

    Lost Shares
    Dismantled Shares
    Torned Shares
    Forgotten Shares
    Death of Original Shareholder
    Unclaimed Shares

    MUDS is your one-stop solution to claim these unclaimed shares and does it for you uniquely and differently. At MUDS, you will get complete assistance for all your doubts and queries related to shares, transfer of shares, issue of duplicate shares, transposition of shares, name deletion, etc. In a crux, MUDS will assist you to recover your unclaimed shares. These are some highlighted services from MUDS.

    Here are Three of the Major Services You Can Get at MUDS.

    Service #1: Share Transmission

    What is the Meaning of Share Transmission?

    It means transferring shares by Operation of Law i.e transfer of shares in the legal heir after the death of the original shareholder. The Legal heir faces problems with transmission of shares due to reasons including death, insolvency, marriage, lunacy, inheritance, bankruptcy or due to any other “statutory” reasons except natural transfer. Once you have registered for the share transmission with a company, you are not only the shareholder; you are also entitled to all the rights.

    Possible Problems and Our Support:

    Sometimes Share Transmission becomes very clumsy, It can take a toll on you especially if you are not seeking proper professional advice. We at MUDS are offering assistance to our respected clients on various issues regarding Share Transmission. Have a look at some of the possible challenges you might face during transmission of shares.


    Mix up of “Transfer of Shares” and “Transmission of Shares”: It is found to be one of the most common problems faced by shareholders. The Constitution of India’s Companies act highlights the difference between “Transfer of Shares” and “Transmission of Shares” The “Transfer of Share” entirely depends on the shareholder’s act and decision while “Transmission of Share” is completely inclined to the operation of laws. In the case of “Transmission of Share,” shares are transmitted only by inheritance or will, while “transfer of shares” is not always done with specific consideration.


    Jointly Held Securities: You can also face problems in share transmission when you are one of the joint holders. In the case of jointly held securities, we can help in name deletion of the other shareholder either by operation of law (in case of death of joint holder) or either when you are seeking the same voluntarily.


    Multiple Holdings in Different Companies: In case you have multiple holdings in different companies, if you want successful share transmission, you must have to send the relevant documents to each company and do the follow-ups constantly according to different policies of different companies.

    Document Required

    Documents Required For Shares Transmission

    Certified copy of death certificate.
    Request application for the transmission from legal heir(s) or representatives.
    Letter of Administration or Succession Certificate or Probate of Will.
    Specimen signature of the successor(s).

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      Service #2: Transfer of Shares

      What does it mean? In marketing terms, transferring the title of the certificate of share from the transferor to transferee is known as the “transfer of shares.” When you are holding shares in physical form and you are the legal heir of the said shares and you are looking forward to transferring such shares in your name, you can connect with Muds for all such transfer related solutions.   How Can We Assist You in Transfer of Shares? It is natural to face some common troubles when you are trying to transfer the shares of multiple companies to your name. At MUDS, you get satisfied assistance if you are facing any of the below-mentioned problems.

      Recover Lost Shares: Sometimes share certificates are lost due to an unfortunate circumstance. If you want to recover lost shares, there is a very high chance that you may not be able to recover the value of those shares. At Muds, we help you recover those duplicate certificates in your or your company’s name and can make your efforts of getting your possessions back easy and hassle-free.
      Mismatch of Signature: It happens often that your signatures tend to change over a period of time, likewise especially if you are signing the documents after a long period and your present signatures are not matching to the signatures available in the previous records. At Muds, we can help in updating your signatures with the Company’s record.
      Mutilated Share Certificates: Improper care of equity share certificates can cause wear and tear on them, and you might face huge problems in the transfer of shares. So, if you possess shares that are torn, dismantled, or mutilated, At muds, you can seek a solution to recover those shares.
      Non-Submission of Transfer Deed: It happens in the case when a buyer has honestly paid the consideration amount but was unable to submit the transfer deed due to any reason. Inevitably, the shares are still against the name of the sellers. At Muds, we can help you in transferring those shares to the buyer wherein the shares are still in the name of the seller.

      If you are facing any of the problems mentioned above in “Transfer of Shares,” you don’t need to panic, share your problem with MUDS and you will get full support from our team of Shares recovery experts.

      Service #3: Unclaimed Dividend

      Understanding Unclaimed Dividend: Companies declare dividends on shares annually and when these dividends are ‘unclaimed’ by the shareholder for a consecutive period of 7 years, they are transferred to IEPF Account. As an investor, you are allowed to claim your unclaimed dividends even after the shares have been transferred to the IEPF account.   When and How You Can Get Help From MUDS? There are numerous affected investors of unclaimed dividends even after the government’s constant efforts to ensure the security of unclaimed dividends, deposits, debentures, split shares, bonuses, etc. If you are also one of the sufferers of problems regarding unclaimed shares or unclaimed dividends, you don’t need to worry. MUDS are always here to provide you complete assistance. We will help you to recover the unclaimed dividends and shares or any other bonus or fund. Here are some possible problems you might face during your efforts of recovering unclaimed dividends.

      Expired Records: The biggest reason for the existence of unclaimed dividends is the outdated or wrong details of shareholders. Mismatch of any personal detail including name, age, father’s/husband’s name, date of birth, and address can put one’s shares into unclaimed dividends.
      Improper or No Execution of Transfer or Transmission: Sometimes shares of the buyer remain in the name of the seller due to improper or no execution of the transfer. It commonly happens in the case of physical shares. Similarly in the case of share transmission, if a legal successor or heir fails to do the proper transmission of shares in his name after the death of the investor. It can happen due to any reason including negligence of the successor due to any reason, fraud from the concerned company, lack of effort, or improper legal consultation.

      It is all about these three services on offer from MUDS. Feel free to contact us whenever you are facing problems. This is not all about our services and consultations. You can seek our assistance in other legal procedures including micro-financing, litigation, compliance, incorporation, NBFCs, insolvency, and much more. We are always ready to welcome you.

      Recover Your Unclaimed Shares Before It's Too Late!

      There is an old saying, “invest and forget.” Although it is a sensible recommendation from the perspective of conserving assets, completely forgetting about one’s shareholdings can also lead to losses. India’s leading legal and financial consultancy group “MUDS Management Pvt Ltd” unclaimed shares, dividends, and forgotten shares may be recovered via simple procedures. By bridging the gap between unclaimed shares investments and their rightful owners, we help investors find their hidden wealth. We equip our clients with solutions for IEPF claims and lost shares.


      The dematerialization of missing share certificates, which is required to exchange or redeem shares, is not a popular choice among older investors. The actual shares are eventually reduced to paper documents that are put in a file and forgotten. Not all investors are careless; many maintain track of their holdings and save documents related to bank accounts, mutual funds, and equity share certificates. But for them, too, a move, getting older, or becoming sick may quickly derail things.

      Why Choose Muds?

      We are specialized in recovering unclaimed shares and lost shares. Our team of experts has specialized knowledge in reclaiming your family’s or your hard-earned capital that has been misplaced, forgotten, dismantled shares, or unclaimed shares. If you have long ago forgotten about investments, you or your ancestors made, get in touch with us to recover that lost shares and unleash their full potential. Your long-lost shares claims will be found, and your dreams will come true.



      Our area of expertise is the shares recovery, claims for transferred shares, and dividends. Our professionals will adhere to all protocols and complete all paperwork officially approved by investors to submit an IEPF claim.


      Alternately Call our Legal Expert Now For Free Consultation at 09599653306

      Frequently Asked Questions on Recovery of Shares

      MUDS is an all-rounder organization comprising of very talented and motivated individuals trying to serve in various domains in the best way possible. MUDS are always determined to provide excellent services in domains like microfinancing, infrastructure, packaging, renewable energy, travel & tourism, automotive, oil and gas, and plenty of other services related to IT sector.

      MUDS is a global body providing consultancy services to a large number of people. The team of MUDS believes in a long relationship with all the clients to make sure effective and satisfied services without any compromise on the comfort and satisfaction of the customers.

      We are serving to a large number of people for quite long now. We aim to solve all the tricky problems related to unclaimed investments of any amount. MUDS are continuously trying to expand its consultancy services and to give the customers a more satisfying experience. Building relationships with trust and reliability are our biggest priority.

      If you are holding shares and you don’t have any certificate in physical forms, it is natural to face some complications, especially if you don’t have any other document as the record of your lost shares. But you don’t need to worry. Legal professionals of MUDS are doing the job of solving these cases with huge success. Contact MUDS if you are in such circumstance.

      Your comfort is always our priority. We wouldn’t want to give you any problem or discomfort. Your regular physical visit is not required, MUDS team will be in touch with you and send one of the representatives to your address when it is required.

      If the name of a company is changed, as a shareholder, you will have to follow the cumbersome process. You can’t trade or sell the holdings until the company issues the new certificates with a new name, address, and stamp of the company.

      The merger of two or more companies isn’t something new, and it can happen multiple times. As an investor, you might face tricky problems like swapping ratio of the shares. Don’t create any panic. Come at MUDS; you will get complete assistance and advice from investment experts of MUDS.

      Getting back the unclaimed investments is not an easy task. It requires some skills and experience of not only investments and shares, but of lengthy hurting legal procedures as well. Once you share your problems with MUDS, it’s our responsibility to go through all the lengthy legal procedures and make your life comfortable and easy.

      The Shares recovery process for IEPF Claim is listed below.

      • Claimant's submission to the Authority.
      • Presenting the Company with the Claim
      • Company's submission of Claim to IEPF Authority.
      • A refund is given to the claimant by the IEPF Authority.


      Connecting with the team immediately for Shares Recovery is the best approach!

      Following the date indicated next to each year, the dividend will be transferred to the Investor Education and Protection Fund. After that, there won't be any further claims made on the unclaimed shares dividend.

      Nothing is lost if you try! The sum you provided as a security deposit is recoverable if we are unable to recoup your investments, as is expressly stated in our agreement.

      Every document needed varies from instance to case. A fundamental set of identifying documents is needed, including

      • Aadhaar card / Passport (for NRI investor)
      • PAN Card
      • Cancelled cheque
      • CML 
      • Investment proof


      Documents needed to vary depending on the circumstances, such as name changes, death claim cases, share transfers, unclaimed shares etc. To learn more about the documentation required for your case, contact us immediately.

      As soon as you choose MUDS as your shares recovery accomplice, we handle all correspondence, documentation, and procedures for reclaiming unclaimed or dismantled shares. However, some papers, such as the FIR (Missing share certificate), Legal Heir or Succession Certificate, require your physical presence. You don't need to worry; we have a legal staff that can handle everything mentioned above and complete the procedure quickly.

      Any person or business that has shares, dividends, matured deposits, or application money that has been transferred to IEPF but has not been claimed may file a claim with IEPF. A legal heir of a dead shareholder may also file an IEPF claim with the IEPF for recovery of lost shares and transfer the interests in their name.

      Compare your Options
      Serial No. Unclaimed Investmen Unclaimed Dividend Unclaimed Bonus Share
      1 Unclaimed investments are the investments in different financial forms, and the legal owners are unable to claim for years due to any reason. Usually, the unclaimed investments are found in lapsed insurance policies, unclaimed dividends, mutual funds, split shares, bonuses, etc. When a dividend is not claimed by the legal shareholder, it is declared an unclaimed dividend. According to the Companies Act 1956, a dividend is declared unclaimed when the actual shareholder doesn’t claim his dividend due to any reason. Dividends not claimed are transferred to a separate account, and the actual investor can claim the amount in the next seven years. If in case the amount isn’t claimed even for seven years, it goes to the Investor Education and Protection Fund, managed and controlled by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Various companies give benefits to shareholders in the form of additional or bonus shares. A bonus share is declared ‘unclaimed bonus share’ when the shareholder is unable to get the advantage due to any reason including non-transfer or non-delivery of the shares. If the actual shareholder for quite long does not claim the bonus share, the concerned company transfers it to the suspense account.
      Thanks Muds Team for their all round support in successful delivery of services. Their approach is Client Centric and they possess the deep understanding of the Subject

      Devender Agarwal

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      Their Professional Approach blended with personal touch eases out all hassals in the Transaction.

      Tanwir Alam

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      We have been working with Muds since 4 years and their service is dependable. I highly recommend Muds in every facets of Business for the hassal free sleep.

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