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BE 100% POSH(Prevention of Sexual Harassment) COMPLIANT
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BE 100% POSH(Prevention Of Sexual Harassment) COMPLIANT

( Success Story: 100+ Companies Compliance Completed on Pan India)

Create Awareness via Offline and Online Training
Manage Sexual Harassment Policies at your workplace
Training to Members of ICC
Assistance in preparing Statutory records and filings
Create a Healthy Environment to Work
POSH e-learning Comprehensive Modules
– Simplified Act for Practical Understanding
– Well researched Modules give clarity
– Created by professionals, lawyers & social activists
– A perfect blend of pictorial & audio-visual material
– Every Module has a simple test at the end, to gage participant clarity
– Sensitizing about the emotional & physical aspects of aggrieved women
– Proffers overview of the related laws and incorporating the real time issues pertaining to #metoo and #himtoo movement
– Detailed information on complaint system
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    With the growth of the concept of Gender Equality and Women Empowerment at workplace, the cases of sexual harassment have also increased manifold over a period of time. Besides implementation of various measures to prevent such acts, there’s no hault for this growing nuisance in the society.

    Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Training have been introduced as a major tool for creating awareness among employees and co-workers at workplace aiming to provide a healthy work environment that is safe, empowering, and satisfying.

    Workplace harassment is frequent, yet it is rarely discussed openly in most workplaces. Harassment at work creates a toxic and harmful working environment. Because many people are unsure what constitutes workplace harassment, the majority of incidents go unnoticed and unreported. Harassment in the workplace refers to offensive or threatening behaviour directed against a single employee or a group of employees.

    Workplace Harassment

    As an employer, the safety of the employees working under you is your responsibility. Be it at any level- a manager or a trainee, each employee deserves respect and should not feel the pressure of any kind of sexual harassment.

    We help you to keep a check on the compliance of the guidelines for the prevention of sexual harassment in your organization. We provide various facilities related to this. But before discussing those, let us understand what sexual harassment is.

    Sexual Harassment

    Sexual harassment is any kind of unwelcome sexual advance or conduct that is done with an objective of intimidating any employee or colleague and creates an offensive working environment.

    The harasser can be a coworker – senior or colleague. Even a non-employee such as a vendor/customer can also be responsible for it.

    Similarly, the victim can either be male or female and can even be forced on the same sex. But the majority of the cases see women as the victim and men as the harasser.

    Sexual harassment is generally done under the pretext of:

    Workplace harassment

    Document Required
    Legal Requirements Under Prevention Of Sexual Harassment Act

    Any organization with 10 or more employees is required to have an Internal Complaint Committee for the safety of their employees at all the administrative units. The committee should comprise of minimum 4 members and half of them should be females.

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      Rules to be followed by an Internal Complaint Committee

      Following procedure is followed by the Internal Complaint Committee in case of any sexual harassment complaint by an employee:

      A complaint can be filed by the victim within 3 months of the incident.
      A representative can also file a complaint on behalf of the victim in case of his/her physical incapability.
      Non-monetary reconciliation between the concerned parties is attempted before the inquiry begins.
      If unsuccessful, inquiry is done in 90 days by hearing out both the parties.
      Within 10 days, the inquiry report is submitted.
      The organization needs to take necessary actions based on the recommendations of the committee within 60 days.
      If the victim is not satisfied, he/she is free to appeal in the court.
      The company is required to give details about the number of sexual harassment cases arose and settled within the year in its annual report

      A penalty for default in compliance of regulations in Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act

      The Act runs with the basic principle of ensuring the safety of any employee that joins an organization and provides a platform to seek justice in case of any sexual mistreatment they have to face while working there. Thus, this act applies to every employer be it a company or a proprietary/partnership firm.

      Non-compliance with the regulations listed in the act can cause an organization with heavy monetary punishments and other damages that can harm your working environment and can result in a set back to your reputation in the market.

      A defaulter, in this case is subject to a penalty of up to INR 50000. In case of repeated defaults, the amount can exceed to double the amount and can even lead to cancellation of license or non-renewal of registration.

      Our Services

      We help you to formulate such policies in your organization that ensure the prevention of sexual harassment at every level. We provide simple, cost-efficient, quick, and effective solutions that are easy on your resources. It involves all the employees and you are definitely going to find uplift in the happy index of your working environment as a sense of security does improve the mood of everyone.

      Also, we will help in compliance with the legal requirements in this respect such as preparing annual reports disclosing steps taken for fulfilment of the “Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act”.

      Why Our Services Are Required?

      When cases of sexual harassment are seen in an organization, it can result in heavy penalties in terms of money or punishments and can also lead to cancellation of license.

      Also, the legal framework requires disclosure of activities done for the compliance of the “Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act” in their annual reports.

      We ensure our services help your organization to follow all the guidelines necessary so that your employees feel completely safe when they come to work with you and their productivity increases. This also enhances your reputation in the market.

      Attributes of Our Services

      Attributes of Muds PoSH Services | Services against Workplace harassment

      Our services focus on the following attributes:

      Policy drafting of your organization: We help you shape policy for your organization keeping government norms in mind.
      Employee training: We give training to your employees to make them understand the importance of making co-workers feel safe not only legally but also ethically.
      Employee certification: We also have modules that evaluate your employees after training and provide digital certificates as per law.
      Safety committees: We help you form various committees in your organization that help to restore a safe environment by registering complaints of the victims and taking necessary actions. They are also responsible for conducting regular workshops to create a feeling of protection of others as their personal duty rather than a legal obligation.
      External support: We provide collaboration with experienced and reputed lawyers that help in compliance with legal norms related to the protection against sexual harassment.
      Conducting awareness programs: we organize various awareness programs and workshops on a regular basis to make employees understand about socially accepted boundaries and behaviours expected from them. This minimizes the cases of unwanted conducts.
      E-learning Module: An effective platform for sensitizing people towards gender equality and tutoring how to prevent Sexual Harassment at the Workplace and making employees aware of their rights and redressal mechanism available to them.
      Training to Members of ICC: Session to enlighten the ICC Members with their key responsibilities and to make them aware about the Do’s and Don’ts for the Complaints Committee.

      Attributes of Our Services

      We are professional in our work and have a group of experienced lawyers working with us. We are available at your service anytime and assure you to provide cost-effective solutions in any part of India. We have a widespread network and are easily accessible to you with all kinds of legal services related to sexual harassment cases in your organization.


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