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What does it mean by Full Fledged Money Changer?
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What Does It Mean By Full Fledged Money Changer?

Incorporate your Company as per the Eligibility Norms
Drafting of Application
Filing of application with RBI for Money Changer License
Liasoning with RBI and responding to RBI call letters if any
RBI Approval for License


    The companies that after obtaining a licence from the Reserve Bank of India ( RBI) intents to carry out functions of  forex currency or money changer activity is termed as ‘Full Fledged Money Changer’.

    Only entities other than Banks can be termed as Full Fledged Money Changer and are  categorized under the Authorised Dealer Category II whereas the Banks are categorized as the Authorised Dealer Category I.

    Every full fledged money changer is required to follow circular on Memorandum of Instruction on Money Changing Activities published by  RBI and also provisions of Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 is to be followed by every FFMC licence holder.

    Eligibility criteria by a company to be FFMCs:

    The company should be registered under the Companies Act, 2013.

    The Minimum Net Owned Funds ( NOF) are as follows:

    Single Branch FFMC- 25 lakhs
    Multiple Branch FFMC- 50 lakhs

    Associated Terms:

    Owned Funds:

    It is calculated as accumulated balance of loss, deferred revenue expenditure and other intangible assets subtracted from paid up capital, free reserves, credit balance in P&L account.

    Net Owned Funds:

    If we subtract all the investments, Loans and advances given or deposits made with: subsidiaries or group companies in excess of 10% of the owned companies from the owned funds, we get net owned funds.

    Document Required

    Documents Required To Be FFMC

    Certificate of Registration (Copy)
    Memorandum of Association (Copy)
    Letter having a clause which gives details for the providers for taking up money changer’s business
    Report from the Applicant’s Bank ( CIR format)
    Latest Audited Balance Sheet ( Copy)
    Certificate from the Statutory Auditors enclosing their Net Owned Funds
    A declaration that no proceeding against the company or any of the directors have been initiated by the
    Department of Enforcement or Department of Revenue Intelligence
    Undertaking to post competent staff who can handle the money changer’s activities

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      Procedure to be registered as FFMC:

      Incorporate itself under Companies Act 2013.
      Get the application ready with the complete set of annexures as per RBI specification.
      Submit application to the RBI regional office along with the required documents.
      Reply with all the re-submissions, if required.
      Liaisons with the RBI upto the stage of Receipt of License.
      Granting of license after vigilant inspection of the application and the documents attached.


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      Frequently Asked Questions on What does it mean by Full Fledged Money Changer?
      What Are The Different Money Changing Facilities Present In India?

      Currently conversion of foreign currency to indian currency and vice-e-versa is possible through:

      • AD Category-I Banks
      • AD Category-II
      • Full Fledged Money Changers

      Further , each one of them may appoint franchises(known as Agents) for undertaking purchase of foreign currency.

      What Does It Mean By ‘Authorised Money Changers’?

      AMC’s are entities under section 10 of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 authorised by the RBI to deal in foreign exchanges for the specified purposes.

      Is License Mandatory For AMC’s?

      Yes, license is mandatory for every person issued by the RBI to carry on the money changing business. Any person found to carry out the business without a proper license is liable to be penalised.

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