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Cyber Law

Cyber Law​

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    What is Cyber Law?

    Cyber Law commonly known as IT Law is the law which covers Information-technology including computers and internet. It supervises the digital circulation of information, software, information security and e-commerce and deals with aspects like contracts, intellectual property, privacy and data protection laws.

    All transactions done over the internet are covered under Cyber law.
    Cyber law envelops all activities of the internet.
    Cyber law touches every action and every reaction in cyberspace.

    What is Cyber Crime?

    As more and more companies and people have started working on computers and mobile, cyber crime or what is commonly known as Internet Crime, has gone up in great proportion.

    Cybercrime is a criminal activity that is committed by cybercriminals, known as hackers, who either want to make money or do it for political or personal gains.

    Cybercrime is committed through a computer, a computer network or a networked device. It can be carried out by individuals or organizations.

    Types of Cyber Crimes

    There are many types of cyber crimes, some of the most common ones are:

    Email Hacking
    Online Banking Frauds
    Phishing Scams
    Virus Attacks
    Trojan Horse
    Credit Card Frauds
    Cyber Stalking
    Cyber pornography
    Source Code Theft or Tampering
    E-Commerce Frauds
    Email Hacking and Financial Frauds
    Cloud Computing Attacks
    Forgery And Counterfeiting
    Tax Evasion and Money Laundering
    Online Banking Frauds
    Online Lottery Frauds
    BPO Frauds
    Digital Signature Frauds

    What Muds Offers?

    We honestly believe, “Prevention is better than cure”. Our intent, therefore, is to provide total safeguard from all kinds of cyber crimes by giving various Cyber Security related services.

    As cyber crime cases are increasing by the day, everyone, whether organizations or individuals, needs to secure their computer and mobile systems and save themselves from such attacks.

    To keep your system and software secure from cyber attacks you need auditing of software, networking systems, mobile applications, web applications, etc.

    Our Services

    Network Security Audit.
    Web Application Security Audit
    Mobile Application Security Audit.
    Encrypted Storage Services.
    End to End Services for Cyber Insurance and other Liability Insurance.

    Apart from these, Muds is a well-known organization in Cyber Law Advisory, and we offer advice on all kinds of cyber crime.

    If you are facing any cyber related crime then know that Muds offers most effective counsel on all kinds of cyber crime.

    Cyber Crime Complaint Process

    We offer complete assistance in filing a complaint & beyond.

    Lodging a written complaint is mandatory against any type of cyber crime.
    Filling up the complaint application letter correctly with all details is essential.
    Sorting out the relevant documents in order to register a complaint is crucial. (List of documents varies with the type of cyber crime).
    Attachment or annexation of the documents which support the facts of the case fully must be done carefully.
    The complaint has to be then forwarded to the cyber crime investigation cell (Online & Offline).
    Filing an FIR (if need be) as some cyber crimes attract prosecution under the IPC.

    Muds has the expertise and experience in cyber crimes & frauds to help file a case, expedite its investigation and further take it to a logical end (closure) in all kinds of cyber crime.

    Why Muds?

    Because we are a leading organization in:

    Cyber Crime Consultancy
    Cyber Law Advisory
    Cyber Law Compliance Audit
    Cyber Security Services
    Cyber Forensics Services
    Cyber Trainings (Law, Security & Forensics)

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      What Is Cyber Law?

      Cyber Law in India is a law that acts against any crime done using technology, internet and computer as a tool for it. IT Act 2000 was amended in 2008 and now it covers different types of crimes under cyber law in India. The Act explains the types of cybercrime and punishment and provides protection to citizens from various kinds of cyber crime.

      Why Is There A Need For Cyber Law?

      There is a pressing need for a Cyber law because as the use of the internet has spread but at the same time its misuse has also increased. New and innovative methods are being used by many people for committing frauds and crimes and therefore, there was an acute need for a Cyber law in the country.

      Why Or How Does Cyber Law Concern Me?

      As all of us have become more and more dependent on the internet for almost everything- work, entertainment, banking, etc. through our laptops and/or our mobiles, therefore, we have become vulnerable to such attacks. You can easily become a target or you may unknowingly commit a cyber crime without knowing about it. Thus, understanding the implications of cyber law is very helpful.

      How Much General Awareness Is There About Cyber Law?

      In the beginning even the lawmakers did not think it was essential to have a cyber law but as time passed and our dependence on the internet increased, so did related crimes. Gradually the need for a comprehensive legal regulation was felt. Today people are more tech savvy and more aware of the laws related to the internet. The media also helped in creating awareness as it has widely circulated some high profile cases.

      How Developed Is The Cyber Law Today?

      Just like every law takes time to mature, in the same way Cyber law is still evolving; we can say it is still in its infancy. As new challenges are thrown up by cyber criminals everyday, the necessity of legal remedies to confront and stop it arises, thus, the cyber law is ever evolving. With lots of strategies in place, the law is being refined with time and gradually it will mature to deal with all kinds of cyber crime effectively, if not stop it completely.

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