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Lost Shipment Claim Services
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Lost Shipment Claim Services

Filing Claim on behalf of the client.
Regular follow-ups until claim resolution.
Ensure submission of claims within carrier(s) timeframe.
Consultations and advisory for recovery of late delivery refunds.
Nominal fees and no hidden service charge.


    What is Lost Shipment?

    Most of the business houses in the manufacturing business or goods transfer business choose to ship their products with big shipping companies like FedEx or UPS. These companies have made such a reputation because of their on-time delivery and safe keep of the product during shipping. However, on some rare occasions, even these big companies could lose a package in transit. Now, who is to blame for this? The shipper or the seller?

    Most of the time, it is the retailer who must bite the bullet and pay for the lost shipment of goods. This happens because the customer considers the business who has accepted payment for the package to be responsible for its safe handling and delivery. Now, what are the options for companies when their customer comes and starts blaming them for the lost shipment? 

    Effects of Lost Shipment for Retailers 

    Customers tend to blame the retailers for lost shipment and with the rise of social media, any mishandling could lead to negative publicity. The brand reputation of the retailers takes a major hit as the trust of customers hit the bottom. The customer churn rate hits the roof, and outlasting the competitors becomes hard for multiple failures of shipment. Thus, a retailer must ensure that even after handling the product to the retailer, the responsibility of it reaching the customer safely falls on their shoulders.

    How Retailers Can Determine if the package is lost or not?

    If the package en route to a customer isn’t delivered even after 4 to 5 days of the delivery time, then it can be considered lost. If a retailer suspects that their package is lost, they should ideally wait for a period of 7 days from expected delivery. This is because the package may turn up a bit late due to rerouting in the supply chain. It could also happen that the package is incorrectly sorted or scanned. 

    Most of the time, the issue with the package being late is bad weather or the wrong address. In case a package is being shown as delivered but the customer reports that it has not been delivered to him, then the package should be treated as ‘stolen’ and appropriate measure for retrieving a stolen package should be taken. 

    Procedure to File a Claim for Lost Shipment 

    Every package is generally shipped with a tracker stuck over it to ensure that it doesn’t get lost in the process. But if due to some reason if the tracking label comes off, or the package gets torn and items in it gets missing, then a lost package claim can be filed to the carrier. Here is the procedure to file a claim for the lost package of FedEx. 

    Eligibility for Alternative Investment Fund Company

    For package contents worth less than $100, the claim process can be completed online. One can simply fill an online form for claim and no documentation would be required for refunds.
    For a package value of more than $100, a simple set of documents are required for the final processing of the refund.
    File the essential documents to the carrier to initiate the process of refund.
    The tracking number of the package must be provided to the carrier so they can verify the lost package from their end before granting the refund.
    The carrier will initiate a scheduled inspection to process the claim and track its progress.

    For Other Carriers, the process is somewhat similar. 

    USPS: File the claim within 60 days for all services except, First Class, Priority Mail Express, and Surface Mail.
    UPS: File the claim within 5 months for online application, within 45 days for uncollected C.O.D. package, and within 9 months through customer service.
    DHL: File the claim in 30 days.
    Document Required

    Documents Required For Prepaid Wallet License

    Pickup records of the package.
    Pictures of the damaged package or tore package.
    Documented proof of value for the content of the package.
    Tracking numbers of the packages.
    There could be some other documents asked by the company which needs to be furnished to file the claim.

    Get In Touch With Us

      Why Filing Lost Claims Is Difficult?

      Retailers or manufacturers have a hectic business to run every day and they can’t go for filing the lost shipment claims to the carriers due to time constraints. The process is a bit tiresome for more reasons like,

      There could be several forms to file and documents to collect. This becomes tiresome for business owners who already have a lot on their plate to deal with.
      Manual claim submission for large orders is even more tedious. Sometimes it could take more than 5 days to get a refund for just one package.
      Also, the output for the claim is not guaranteed which could make retailers think whether the refund claim process is worth giving a try or not.
      Sometimes the claim process is so expensive, it could even cost more than the value of the refund.

      How We Can Help?

      We help busy business owners to save the time and hassle of submitting refund claims for lost packages.
      We submit all the documents on the client’s behalf and ensure that the claims are submitted with the time frame.
      Following up with the carrier is done till the claim resolution is reached.

      Safeguard from Lost Packages

      Retailers are advised to ensure their valuable products while shipping. This will minimize their loss in case the package gets lost or damaged. Also, for lost shipments, the carriers must pay the penalty chargers for failing to deliver the package on scheduled time to the driver. Even for late delivery, a full refund of the shipping fee is directed to the Retailer’s account.



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      Frequently Asked Questions on Lost Shipment Claim Services
      What Are Documents Required To Be Filed For Lost Shipment Claim?

      Pickup records of the package, Pictures of the damaged package or tore package, documented proof of value for the content of the package, and Tracking numbers of the packages.

      How Long A Retailer Should Wait Before Considering Their Package Lost?

      7 days from the expected date of delivery.

      Is It Worth Getting Third Party Insurance For Shipping Goods?

      Yes, for shipping valuable items, it is wise to get shipping products insurance to minimize the loss in case the package gets lost.


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