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Setting up a New Company in the USA
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Setting Up A New Company In The USA

Total assistance in applying for US company registration.
Compilation of various documents and filing of online application on the client’s behalf.
Filing application of name approval after research and getting all the information.
Support in bank account opening for the company in the USA.
Generation of the Business plan and compliance support for the new company applying for US registration.


    Overview of US Company Registration

    The procedure for registration of a company in the US can be easily completed by following guidelines of a state and through an online process. The USA company registration doesn’t require a person to hold a US citizenship and therefore, any person can start the process of company registration in the USA.

    The first step to start a business in the USA is to move forward with the process of company registration in the USA. The government of the United States has given relaxation to foreign citizens willing to start US company registration. Various state governments allow the set-up of an LLC or an Inc. following a simple online application procedure. The available technology and infrastructure support in the country makes it a prime destination to invest and start a new business.

    Benefits of Company Registration in USA

    The USA is the biggest economy in the world and thus registering a company in the USA gives the company a high reputation globally.
    Easy and streamlined regularization process with lower corporate taxes.
    Simple process to raise money through investments or raising funds from angel investors.
    A convenient and economical procedure to incorporate a new company.
    Sale or disposal of the company is simple in the USA.
    Simple and regularized visa requirements for foreign nationals willing to get US company registration.

    Various Ways of US Company Registration

    Subsidiary Entity: One can go for opening the company as a subsidiary entity of an existing US company. The company can also be established as a wholly-owned entity of a company located and registered out of USA.
    Standalone Company: A standalone entity is something that is acquired by a group of stakeholders and promoters. Employees of the company could also possess some of the stakes in the company. This type of company is a completely new and separate entity in the market.

    Indian Nationals have two options for US company registration. A company can register as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or can be set up as a US Corporation (INC). the option preferred by Indian promoters is of registering the company in the USA as an LLC. This is due to the ease and adaptability of these entities in the US taxation system. However, the entrepreneurs seeking investment from angel investors or raising funds from public go for establishing their business as a US Corporation or Inc. this type of entity enjoys unrestrictive policies towards ownership and shareholding. A US Corp. also gets multiple tax planning options with free transfer of shares along with legal protection.

    Document Required

    Documents Required For US Company Registration

    Photocopy of valid passport of the promoters.
    Copy of Driving License of the Issuing country.
    Social Security Number and Voter ID.
    Documents specifying organizational resolutions approved by the Board of company.
    Employer Identification Number.
    Photographs and qualification docs of the promoters.
    Resident permit of promoters.
    Bank statements and a copy of valid business visas of foreign nationals applying for registration of the company in the US.

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      Procedure for US Company Registration

      Start by choosing the type of company to open. A company can be registered as a US Corp or LLC.
      In the online procedure of company registration in the US, only an authorized agent or person can help the company in applying for registration. So choose a registered agent to start the process of company registration in the USA. The agent will compile all the essential documents to be submitted to the authorities for company registration.
      Select a unique name for the company which is different from any existing company in the US. Agents can help in finding a unique name through availability research.
      After the agent has applied for registration, the Internal Revenue Services of the US will generate an Employer Identification Number (EIN) or tax ID. This will come handy for taxation and post-registration procedures.
      If the company belongs to a country which is not part of the HAGUE CONVENTIONS, then they must submit an Apostille Certificate or certificate of authentication.
      The company should register for a tax permit or vendor’s license for a US state. The taxation rates for the company will be decided by the state chooses for grant of tax permit.
      Every state has some additional license and permit requirement. The new company required to get all those licenses to apply for company registration.

      Compliances to be Followed after US Company Registration

      The company needs to open a registered office in US and submit the necessary documents related to address to the registration n authority. The company should also get an official contact number for its US Base.
      A US-based bank account must be opened by the company to process transactions based in the US. We assist companies in opening their corporate account in the US as the process of opening a corporate bank account in the US is cumbersome.
      The company must have a bank account in its home country too.
      Filing of all the annual reports and financial statement of the company to the relevant authority. Failing this could lead to the company being charged with penalties from the US authority.
      Meeting all the compliance requirements is also necessary for the company.


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