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How to Change GST Registration Details of a Business in India

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Change GST Registration Details


For current taxpayers, registration is the first and most important step under the GST regime since, without it, they cannot obtain their GSTIN number, which serves as their primary identification number. It’s critical to fill out the registration form correctly, but what if someone made a mistake or omitted some crucial fields?

To remove the obstacles, Rule 12 and Form GST REG 14 offer a mechanism to update the information without going to any offices or facilities run by the government. While certain areas require approval from a higher authority, an applicant can update some details and rectify some information without that approval, and in both circumstances, updating can be done online. The three categories for GST registration amendments specify the degree of permission and window for making changes to the fields. In the GST registration procedure, it is necessary to state the “Reasons” for the adjustment when requesting changes in certain areas of a registration form.

Who can Update GST Registration Details

Change in GST details after registration-

Any changes to registration on the GST site may be requested by the following people:

  • GST new registrants and regular taxpayers
  • GST practitioners who are TDS and TCS registrants, UN Bodies, Embassies, and other notified persons with the UIN A
  • Access to or retrieval from online databases and information (OIDAR) Service Companies
  • non-resident tax-paying individuals

When: The application is being completed and the business is already registered for GST, a firm can amend or change its GST registration information (application is already processed)

Details that can be changed or updated in GST registration?

Modifications to the Core Field: The legal name of the company, the address of the main location, and any other locations are all changes to the Core Field. A proper office must approve any changes to the Core Fields within 15 days.

Change in Non-Core Field: Some fields don’t need clearance from the appropriate office, and non-core field adjustments can be made online with ease. Non-core fields include all fields other than those that fall within the category 

After online verification on the common GST site, the change in email or cell phone number requires verification by OTP (One-Time Password).

What is the Process of changing or updating the GST Registration details?

GST registration process step by step-

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to modify the information in a registration form’s core fields:

  • Step 1: Visit to see the GST homepage.
  • Step 2:Use the provided login information to access the GST portal.
  • Step 3: From the menu bar, select the “Services” tab. Hover your cursor over the “Registration” tab.
  • Step 4: To access the link, click on “Amendment Of Registration Core Fields.”

Business Details Tab

Step 5: As a default, the “Business Details” tab is shown. By selecting the Edit icon, choose the field you wish to change.

  • Edit the specific information you want to change.
  • By selecting the calendar icon, choose the “Date Of Amendment.”
  • In the “Reasons” tab of the online GST registration form, specify the change’s justification.
  • At the bottom of the page, select the “Save” button.
  • Click the “Continue” button at the bottom of the page after validating all the “Business data.”

Business Tab

Step 6: If you need to update something, first choose “Principal Place of Business” from the main menu, 

  • Edit the necessary information, and then repeat the process to input “Reasons” and “Date Of Amendment.”
  • At the bottom of the page, select “Save.”

Business Tab

Step 7: Enter the information for “Number of extra places” by selecting the “Additional Places of Business” tab from the main menu and then entering the required values.

  • Select “Add New” from the menu.
  • Edit the appropriate information in the applicable field
  • Continue with the same “Reasons” field and “Date Of Amendment” after that.
  • The “Save” and “Save” buttons are located at the bottom of the page.

Note: Select the appropriate option to see, delete, or edit promoter or partner details.

Promoter / Partners tab

Step 8: From the main menu, select the “Promoter / Partners” tab.

  • To enter the information for the promoters and partners, click “ADD NEW.”
  • Enter the information and upload the necessary documents to serve as identification
  • Continue using the same “Reasons” box and “Date Of Amendment” after that.
  • At the bottom of the page, select “Save” and “Continue.”

Verification Tab

Step 9: Click the “Verification” tab’s checkbox after choosing that tab.

  • Select the authorized signatory from the drop-down list in the “Name of Authorized Signatory” box.
  • Put the location’s name in the “Place” box.
  • Use a digital signature tool such as a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), E-Signature, or EVC to sign the form after successfully editing the field under “Amendment Of Registration Core Fields.”

Bank Details for GST Registration-

The acknowledgment message will be delivered automatically to the registered email address and cellphone number in the following 15 minutes after the online GST registration change procedure has been completed. Again, the tax authorities will notify the registered email address and cellphone number 

PAN Number and State be Changed or Updated

Step-1 Protean of Technologies Limited’s official website may be seen here.

  • Step-2 When you reach the “Select the Category of the Applicant” option at the bottom of the page, keep scrolling down the page.
  • Step-3 Before clicking “Select,” select the category (individual, partnership firm, association of persons, body of individual, etc.) from the drop-down menu.
  • Step-4 Complete the form by entering all the necessary information, including your name, father’s name, gender, birth date, etc.
  • Step-5 Next to the field you want to change, check the boxes there.
  • Step-6 You must enter your PAN Number in the appropriate field, and you can choose “Yes” in the field labeled “For Paperless PAN Application” if you want to apply for a change of address without using paper.
  • Step-7 After choosing the paperless option, you will have to upload your photos, papers, and signature online, doing away with the requirement to physically provide the paperwork for an address change.
  • Step-8 If you want to update your PAN card’s address the conventional way, choose “No” in the “For Paperless 
  • Step-9 A Pan Acknowledgment Form with a 16-digit Acknowledgement Number will be sent to you. This form must be printed 
  • Step-10 In the area provided on the acknowledgment form, affix two current passport-size photos and sign your name.
  • Step-11 The acknowledgment form, self-attested papers, and a check or demand draught must all be placed in an envelope. Verify that the demand draught or check’s back has the acknowledgment number written there.
  • Step-12 The heading on the envelope should read “Application for PAN Change Request – Acknowledgement Number.”
  • Step-13 Post the package to NDSL 
  • Step-14 Within 15 days after the day you got the acknowledgment, the package must be delivered to the Protean of Technologies Limited address.
  • Step-15 Your application will be sent for processing as soon as Protean of Technologies Limited gets it, and you will get an email about it on your registered email address.

 How Muds Management helps you in changing the GST Registration Process Details?

All of the provided material has been verified before being published and comes from reliable, legitimate sources. Any modification of the specifics or material that is not factual must be viewed as a human error. We publish a blog to share current information. You are free to ask any questions on topics relating to blog content. Additionally, please be aware that we do not offer any kind of consulting, therefore we apologize for being unable to respond to inquiries about consulting. We also point you that our responses are only practical, and we suggest that you 


After applying for a registration modification, a notification confirming successful application submission displays. You will get a confirmation of your registered mobile phone number and email address within the next 15 minutes. An SMS and an email advising them of the ARN and the Form’s effective submission will be sent to the primary authorized signatory.

Non-Core field amendments are automatically accepted following a timely filing by the taxpayer and do not require the Tax Official’s processing. The modification will be effective as of the event’s date of occurrence.


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