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Month: January 2019
Insolvency Recovery Weapons for Home Buyers

Recovery Weapons for Home Buyers

Recovery Weapons for Home Buyers Buying a home in today’s time is no less than playing a gamble. The cumbersome processes, elaborate legal formalities and improper enforcement mechanisms to enforce the interest of home buyers clubbed with the risk of delay in obtaining possession of the property have unduly complicated the dream of owning a […]
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Insolvency Professional

Insolvency Professional- 5 Answers to Know !

Insolvency Professional- 5 Answers to Know ! “Every professional after obtaining the membership MUST register himself with the Board within a specified time in a particular manner and on payment of the fee in the manner specified” Isha Malik (Company Secretary, MUDS Management Pvt Ltd) How to apply for a Certificate of Registration? An individual […]
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Insolvency Professional Agency

Insolvency Professional Agencies

Insolvency Professional Agencies Board: Top 5 Points to Remember While registering insolvency professional agency, the Board must remember that professionals are there to promote: Professional development and regulation of insolvency professionals. Services of competent insolvency professionals. Good professional and ethical conduct among insolvency professionals. Interests of debtors, creditors and other persons as specified. The growth […]
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