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Difference Between Service Mark And Trademark

What Is The Difference Between Service Mark And Trademark?

Many companies have a distinctive brand, logo, or identity symbol that helps them stand out in advertising and other business-related contexts. A trademark or service mark is the term used to describe this identification mark. Intellectual property includes things like a trademark and service mark. They state that the logos, marks, or slogans belong to […]
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Trademark Registration Process

Trademark Registration Process: A Step by Step Guide

Introduction When someone wants to completely protect a mark from unlawful access, they must go through the trademark registration process. The statutory rights to take legal action against anyone implicated in trademark infringement are granted by trademark registration. When a trademark is registered, the owner is given the only right to use it on goods […]
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Logo Registration: Guide to Trademark a Logo in 2022

Your logo design, which uses a logo mark, a typographic solution, or a combination of the two, identifies your company in the most basic way possible. Logos are the most fundamental visual representations of your company. The logo for your business is crucial since it exudes pride in the brand, its caliber, and its guiding […]
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Safeguard your Trademark with Renewal of Trademarks

Safeguard Your Trademark With Renewal of trademarks

Safeguard Your Trademark With Renewal of trademarks Trademarks are visually emphasised markings that help consumers recognise the company or person who developed the products or services. Under the Trademark Act of 1999, such marks can be registered with Trademark Registry Offices. There are 5 trademark registry facilities in India: Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Ahmadabad. […]
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Trademark Registration - Non-conventional trademarks

Non-conventional trademarks – Trademark Registration

Non-conventional trademarks – Trademark Registration Any symbol or mark used to differentiate one person’s products and services from those of another, or to identify the origin of such goods and services, is referred to as a trademark. However, it is widely assumed that a trademark exclusively pertains to words, symbols, or emblems. This perception is […]
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Importance of Trademark Registration in the entertainment industry

Importance of Trademark Registration in the entertainment industry

Importance of Trademark Registration in Entertainment Industries A trademark is a symbol that distinguishes the commercial origin of a product or service. In the music and film industries, trademarks have become profitable. The entertainment industry’s two main industries – music and cinema – are the world’s rising large marketplaces, with significant revenues. When a legal […]
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