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Claim Unclaimed Shares of GAIL (India) Limited from IEPF Authority

Claim Unclaimed Shares of GAIL (India) Limited from IEPF Authority

Have your shares of GAIL (India) Limited recently turned eligible for transfer to the IEPF Authority? Or have they already been transferred from your demat account without your knowledge in the last 7 years? Don’t worry – You can easily get back your unclaimed GAIL shares by filing an online refund application with the IEPF Authority under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

In this post, we explain everything about the IEPF share transfer rules, documents required to claim back GAIL shares and the step-by-step procedure to e-file your claim on the MCA portal. Read on to recover your hard-earned shares worth thousands from the Investor Education and Protection Fund.

What is the IEPF Authority and Why Do GAIL Shares Get Transferred There?

The Investor Education and Protection Fund or IEPF is a statutory body established by the central government under the Companies Act. All companies in India are required to transfer shares on which dividends remain unpaid or unclaimed for a period of seven consecutive years to this IEPF Authority.

The objective behind transferring such shares and unpaid dividends is to protect investors’ interests as well as utilize them for promoting investor education, awareness and protection activities.

As per these rules, all shareholders who do not claim their dividends on GAIL shares for a continuous period of seven years will have such shares credited to the demat account of the IEPF Authority held with NSDL.

Therefore, even if you have held shares of GAIL India for years, merely not encashing a few dividend warrants or not updating your bank details / address can lead to losing hold of your shares completely if left unchecked beyond the stipulated timeline.

However, as the rightful owner, you can get back full control over your GAIL shares by simply filing an online refund application with the IEPF Authority submitting necessary documents. The process to reclaim GAIL shares from IEPF is fully transparent and hassle-free thanks to the MCA e-filing portal introduced recently.

So don’t wait any longer! File your claim today and regain hold over your treasured GAIL shares before it gets complex later on.

When Do GAIL Shares Get Transferred To The IEPF Authority?

Let us take an example to understand this better:

  • You purchased 500 shares of GAIL during the IPO way back in 1984
  • Due to outdated postal address, you stopped receiving dividend warrants after 1995
  • But dividends on these shares kept accruing to your account over the years

As per law, dividends which remain unclaimed for seven consecutive years result in compulsory transfer of corresponding shares

So your 500 GAIL shares would be liable to be transferred to the IEPF in:

  • 2002 (for unpaid dividends from 1995 till 2001)
  • 2009 (for unpaid dividends from 2002 till 2008)
  • 2016 (for unpaid dividends from 2009 till 2015)

Therefore, the year 2002 would mark 7 years from when dividends first turned unpaid in 1995. If the shares were still in your demat account, GAIL would have had to mandatorily transfer them to the IEPF account that year itself.

However, exact share transfer timelines for your specific case may differ based on the dividend announcement and payout records maintained by the company. But the broad rule is – 7 continuous years of unpaid dividends = shares transferred to IEPF.

So calculate backwards from your last available dividend receipt or corporate records to see if the risk of GAIL share transfer has already passed or is fast approaching without your knowledge!

Why Did My GAIL Shares Get Transferred to the IEPF Authority?

There could be many reasons why your GAIL shares, in particular, got transferred to the IEPF.

  • Non-updation of postal address / email ID or bank details after allotment or buying GAIL shares during secondary market transfer
  • Dividend amounts kept getting lower year-after-year making it pointless to encash the warrants
  • Disputes due to inheritance or family disintegration leading to confusion over actual ownership
  • Simply forgot about some old share certificates or holdings after a house shift
  • Demise of original shareholder without transmission of shares to legal heirs
  • Misplacing or losing dividend receipts over a long 7-year period
  • Irrespective of the actual specifics in your case, as the valid shareholder whose name exists on the company registers, you continue to retain full legal rights to reclaim GAIL shares from IEPF.

It does not matter if the original share certificate is lost or dividends remain unpaid for 10-20 years. All it takes is you establishing beneficial ownership through valid KYC documents which we will discuss in detail later.

So fret not, getting back your GAIL shares involves a short and sweet online refund process without any hidden charges. You only stand to benefit by discovering treasured shares that will immediately unlock dividend flows going forward!

Can Legal Heirs Claim Back GAIL Shares on Behalf of Deceased Shareholders from the IEPF?

Yes, absolutely! The legal heir or claimant of a deceased shareholder carrying adequate succession proof is fully eligible to claim back GAIL shares on behalf of the original deceased shareholder from the IEPF Authority.

Documents needed from legal heir’s side for GAIL IEPF Claim:

  • Copy of Death Certificate – Attested copy proving date of death of the concerned original shareholder
  • Succession Certificate – Legal document issued by court declaring legal heir details and giving them rights to recover securities and funds of deceased
  • REITS / Probates – The Will or Testament identifying legal heirs who inherit all property and assets of deceased
  • Nomination – If shares were held jointly or a nominee was registered by the deceased claimant in records with GAIL India
  • Along with one of the above documents establishing legal heirship, you also need to submit the standard refund documents like Form IEPF-5, Indemnity, Advance Receipt etc. covered later for filing GAIL IEPF claim on behalf of deceased shareholder.

Make sure to carefully fill up all details like shareholder’s name, folios, share certificate numbers owned by the deceased during lifetime in the claim form IEPF-5. Provide your own contact coordinates and bank accounts to receive any unpaid dividends of the deceased along with shares getting credited in your favor.

And voila! You will regain control over rightfully inherited GAIL shares worth lakhs from IEPF in no time as valid claimants.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Claim Your GAIL Shares from the IEPF

Let us quickly summarize the exact step-by-step procedure for any GAIL shareholder to get back shares from the IEPF Authority:

Step 1) Check official website of GAIL India Limited to identify shares liable for transfer or already transferred to IEPF

Step 2)Determine exact quantity eligible to be claimed based on number and distinctive details of shares held in your name

Step 3) Prepare the required documents like Form IEPF-5, Affidavits, Indemnity Bonds, Advance Receipts etc. with share details

Step 4) Fill all requisite info in Form IEPF-5 and also attach scanned copies of other documents while submitting the e-form on MCA portal

Step 5) Make payment of statutory fees online to complete your GAIL share refund application to IEPF Authority

Step 6) Regularly track status of submitted claim forms online and provide additional information sought by IEPF via email / online communication

Step 7) On satisfactory verification, receive GAIL shares in your demat account along with unclaimed dividends in bank account!

The easy peasy 7 steps for swift and smooth recovery of your GAIL shares from Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF).

Now let us get into more specifics in terms of documents, online procedures and other compliance requirements from your side when filing refund applications to get back shares of GAIL transferred to IEPF.

Complete Documents Required to Claim GAIL Shares from IEPF Authority

Here is a ready reckoner covering all the necessary IEPF refund documents and attachments required from your side when filing Form IEPF-5 for GAIL shares:

1. Duly Filled Form IEPF-5

The IEPF-5 form is the core application form you need to fill and submit to IEPF authority for claiming GAIL shares. Form IEPF-5 covers complete details like:

Your name, contact details, PAN and Aadhaar as claimant

Particulars of shares being claimed like Distinctive certificate numbers, Date of transfer, Folio no. etc.

Full particulars of GAIL India Limited like CIN, Address etc.

Your bank account details to receive unclaimed dividends along with shares

Confirmations and self-declarations as required from refund claimant

Download the latest IEPF-5 format, carefully fill it, sign and attach while uploading the e-form.

2. Indemnity Bond

An indemnity bond indemnifies the IEPF Authority and GAIL India Ltd. against any disputes, litigation or third-party claims arising in future after they transfer your shares based on the refund claim.

3. Advance Stamped Receipt (ASR)

The ASR is your advance stamped acknowledgement and consent for receiving the GAIL shares claimed from IEPF.

It contains your demat account details where you wish to receive the shares after IEPF claim approval. Make sure your demat account is active and all holders have jointly signed agreeing to receive GAIL shares in that account if held jointly. Affix a revenue stamp while creating the ASR document.

4. Copy of Acknowledgment Slip

On successful uploading of duly filled IEPF-5 form on MCA portal, you will get an acknowledgement slip confirming online submission. Copy of this auto-generated acknowledgement slip also needs to be attached along with the refund claim for processing.

5. Identity and Address proofs

You need to duly self-attest and attach clear copies of PAN card, Aadhaar card and valid address proof document carrying your name as claimant to establish accurate identity before processing IEPF claim for GAIL shares.

Additionally, original shareholders would also need to provide:

Share Certificates – Original Physical Share Certificate or Shares Statement from Demat Account furnishing details of GAIL shares claimed

Dividend Proof – Copies of old dividend warrants, bank statements etc showing receipt of GAIL dividends

BSE/NSE Listing Proof – Documents showing GAIL India share listing on stock exchanges since IPO

Once you prepare all the above GAIL IEPF claim documents accurately, double check for any errors to avoid rejections or delays later on.

Now let us see the step-by-step procedures to submit the claim online on MCA portal.

How To E-file Your GAIL Shares Refund Claim on MCA Website?

Follow below simple 7 steps for fast-track e-filing of your GAIL shares refund application on the MCA portal to get back shares transferred to IEPF:

Step 1) Go to Official MCA Refunds Website at

Step 2) Select Investor Category and click “Proceed”

Step 3) Choose “Register Yourself as Investor/Claimant” if first-time user or login directly for existing users

Step 4) Read Instructions carefully and proceed with MyeForms ROC Lite

Step 5) Select Form Type as “Form IEPF-5 (Refund Application)”

Step 6) Fill in all particulars, upload documents, attach files/scans and finally Submit duly filled Form IEPF-5.

Step 7) Make payment of applicable fee** to complete submission.

And finally – e-sign your claim or print & sign physically for dispatch to IEPF as final step. That completes your GAIL shares refund claim e-filing!

You will start receiving regular status updates directly from IEPF via email and SMS linked with the form. Please respond promptly to any clarification requests or additional submissions sought online by IEPF authority during processing.

Online tracking also shows the latest processing status on MCA website for your ready reference throughout the verification cycle.

The simplicity and speed of legally getting back your GAIL shares is definitely worth your time!

How Much Time Does The Full GAIL Shares Claim Process Take from Start to Finish?

The typical turnaround time for receiving GAIL shares after submitting completed refund forms and documents with IEPF is approximately 60 days. However, it may vary anywhere between 30 days to 90 days based on accuracy and quality of your submitted claim form.

Broadly, the various stages and tentative timelines involved are as follows:

-IEPF Claim Submission : Instant after e-filing valid form IEPF-5 and submitting documents online

-Initial Scrutiny by Authority : 7 days for preliminary checklist and scrutiny from the date of submitting claim

-Claim Under Process with Authority : Up to 45 days for detailed verification of particulars and records reconciliation by officials

-Pending Claims Disposal at GAIL India : Within 30 days of receiving claim for final approval or rejection by the company

-Credit of shares by GAIL India to your Demat A/c : Within 7 days after company consent on verified records received from IEPF

While the above will hold true for most GAIL shareholders claiming simple refunds with proper paper trail, hard to trace records may take longer by another 20-30 days subject to quality of data mining by authorities.

But otherwise, you get back full control of your GAIL shares in two months’ time after filling IEPF-5. So file TODAY!

Check Status Online of Your GAIL Shares Refund Claim from IEPF Authority on MCA Website

To track status of submitted IEPF-5 refund form for GAIL shares, follow below simple steps:

  • Visit Official MCA Website
  • Click on Investor Corner and select Track Application Status
  • Choose Claimant Category as Investor/Shareholder
  • Enter your SRN (Service Request Number) printed on the IEPF-5 acknowledgement copy
  • Enter CAPTCHA and Validate

Your GAIL Share Refund Claim Status appears with all details!

The online tracker displays updated application status as submitted by GAIL India and verified by the IEPF Authority. It shows various stages in real-time like:

  • Claim Received
  • Claim In Progress
  • Claim Under Process
  • Pending for Approval
  • Pending for Rejection
  • Shares under Refund

Keep checking at regular intervals to know the latest position of your shares refund claim. You will also receive status updates directly via Email and SMS to your registered contact coordinates as provided in Form IEPF-5.

Stay informed and get ready to receive GAIL shares in your demat account sooner than you think!

Conclusion on Getting Back Your GAIL Shares from IEPF Authority

We hope this detailed guide covers everything you need to know… from understanding why your GAIL shares get credited to IEPF, exact documents required and step-by-step e-filing procedures with online tracking of status later on.

Getting back unclaimed shares worth thousands from GAIL requires you to only spare a few hours in gathering paperwork created years ago. FIle your IEPF-5 claim accurately in one go without any errors for smooth approval.

If needed, don’t hesitate to take professional assistance from investment recovery experts guiding hundreds of such shareholders across India everyday. Their expertise can prevent needless delays and also claiming your rightful dues through proper verification channels laid out legally.

After all, recovering your own hard earned GAIL shares will bring big smiles through renewed dividend flows for years ahead!

So be proactive, gather your old records proving GAIL share ownership, correctly fill form IEPF-5 and attachments digitally sign them for uploading on MCA portal right away.

Getting back what’s rightfully yours was never so quick and transparent! 


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