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Claim Unclaimed Shares of HCL Technologies Limited from IEPF Authority

Claim Unclaimed Shares of HCL Technologies Limited from IEPF Authority


The IEPF (Investors Education and Protection Fund) is a business that runs under the MCA (Ministry of Current Affairs). The shares will be given to the IEPF if the dividend for such shares is not claimed for 7 years or longer. The companies issue shareholder dividend checks. If the dividend checks are not deposited for more than 7 years, the shares are known as unclaimed shares, and the dividends are known as unclaimed dividends. The IEPF will receive both the unclaimed dividends and the unclaimed shares, and will be in charge of them until the shareholder claims them.

MUDS provides services across India to help shareholders recover and collect unclaimed dividends and shares of any firm from the IEPF.

In relation to shares belonging to the firm HCL Technologies Limited, we have been in touch with both the company and the company’s registrar. We have also helped the shareholders claim and retrieve their unclaimed shares and unclaimed dividends from IEPF. In order to collect the unclaimed shares and unclaimed dividends from IEPF, MUDS has successfully handled several situations where it was required to get in touch with the firm and the company’s registrar.

Details about the HCL Ltd company:

The registered address of the company:




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Share dematerialization, IEPF share recovery, share transfer, duplicate share certificates, mutual fund recovery, and share dividend recovery are just a few of the services that MUDS gladly accepts on a continual basis.

Details about MUDS Management

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The IEPF offers a variety of methods and processes for claiming unclaimed dividends and unclaimed shares:

In the course of our work at MUDS, we encountered and dealt with a number of situations concerning the IEPF’s recovery of unclaimed dividends and shares. For a number of different reasons, the shares were transferred to IEPF. The bulk of the shares were transferred to IEPF as a result of a shareholder’s move, death, or loss of the original share certificate. Most people are unaware that their shares will be transferred to the IEPF if they wait longer than seven years to receive the dividend.

We are quite pleased that MUDS could have solutions and procedures for any problem that arises in regard to recovering shares and dividends.

We use a variety of approaches for diverse situations. While some procedures are quick and simple, others take a long time.



We helped our clients acquire the shares that had been transferred to the IEPF in the event that the original share certificate was misplaced or lost. In instances involving children, deceased shareholders, deceased shareholders and nominees, multiple legal heirs, legal heirs, and family members, we also have a good track record of recovering shares and dividends.

It would be challenging for shareholders of any corporation to recoup their shares and dividends.

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