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FSSAI Registration for Hotels – Everything You Need to Know

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FSSAI Registration for Hotels

The hotel sector is one of India’s fastest growing business industries. Many new company owners have chosen the hotel sector as a result of this optimistic expansion. It is essential to maintain the caliber of the food and the cleanliness standards of the hotels. According to the food safety standard authority of India, all hotels must apply for an FSSAI Food Safety License before opening for business (FSSAI).

For our respected clients, the procedure is flexible thanks to our qualified staff, who has specialized knowledge in the application process for food safety permits. The Team FSSAI Registration and Licensing Consultants team guarantees that everything will be handled professionally and simply for you.

Basic FSSAI Registration?

The primary organization in charge of regulating and assuring the safety of food is the Food Standards and Safety Authority of India (FSSAI). As a result, completing the FSSAI Basic Registration is required by law. Basic registration is covered in this section. For a basic FSSAI Food safety registration, small enterprises or startups with annual sales of less than Rs. 12 lakhs may apply. The basic registration must be upgraded to a state licence when operations expand and revenue exceeds Rs. 12 lakh. Because it is a very basic registration, as the name implies, a huge corporate firm cannot use it.

FSSAI Registration Process for Hotels ?

FSAI Food safety Anyone who wishes to operate a restaurant must register. This covers not just individuals who produce food, but also those who handle it at different points until it eventually reaches the consumer, including raw materials, production, processing, mess, canteen packaging, distribution, and the businesses that are legally permitted to sell it.

Our highly valued clients benefit from the flexibility of the registration procedure thanks to our qualified staff’s specialized knowledge in food safety. You may count on Team FSSAI INDIA FSSAI Food safety Registration for a professional attitude from our staff that keeps things straightforward.

  • On the central licencing portal, the application form for the Central licence is accessible online and follows the structure outlined in the FSSA 2006. The hotelier must submit an application in Form B to the licencing body, which is the central food authority. The information that must be entered into the form must be accurate and pertinent.
  • It’s crucial to write generic names for items like coconut oil and flavor-infused milk rather than the hotel’s brand names (if any).
  • The FSSA 2006 requires that the food products be approved.
  • The form must then be downloaded and signed digitally before being uploaded.
  • The system will inquire about the duration for which the licence is being applied for after the process is complete. The suitable validity period must be chosen. A stipulated charge will be required in accordance with this.

Documents Required for FSSAI Registration for Hotels?

Documents Needed for a Basic FSSAI Registration

  1. Address of authorised person
  2. photo in passport size
  3. Address and name of the company
  4. Form Fssai Declaration
  5. Details on the type of business
  6. If any government registration certificates (such as a certificate of incorporation for a company, a firm registration, a partnership agreement, a passport, a GST registration number, a shop and establishment registration, or a trade licence) are present, they must be in English.
  7. Provide a copy of the partnership deed or MOA & AOA if the applicant is a private limited business or partnership firm.
  8. Any one of the following certificates must be presented when applying for a state licence ( Trade license, Shop and Establishment Registration, Panchayath License, Corporation License , Municipality License )
  9. Business nature.
  10. Form Fssai Declaration

Please arrange the additional documentation for fssai registration verification below if you are applying under the Manufacturing or Repacker category.

  1. Plant Layouts images of manufacturing facilities.
  2. Product information on the corporate letterhead.

Benefits of FSSAI Registration for Hotels

One of the sectors with the quickest growth is the food business. This is because more and more individuals are choosing to eat out as a result of changing lifestyles. You may apply for an FSSAI State licence or FSSAI Central License as a food business operator for hotels, provided that you meet the requirements outlined in the FSSAI Act.

To guarantee food safety, the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India has published a law requiring all food industry operators in all Indian cities to hold an Hotels FSSAI license. The purpose of this is to uphold and enforce the sanitary standards at hotels and other culinary establishments. Operators of food businesses must register with the FSSAI and adhere to the established guidelines. All restaurants, hotels, cafés, bars, workplace and school cafeterias, etc. must adhere to strict regulations and maintain particular hygienic practises in order to get a food business operator licence. The FSSAI website offers registration and licence options for food industry owners.

A Hotels FSSAI license would increase public confidence that the hotel is providing its customers with pure food. Obtaining a licence even allows one to expand their enterprises. With licencing, the business’s revenue might increase as well.

Food License for the Hotel – 100% Online Process

With the development of the internet, it is now simple to obtain information and submit an application without having to worry with visiting several offices and agencies to obtain various permissions. Operators of food businesses have the option to apply and obtain a License/Registration online thanks to FSSAI. If the FBO satisfies the requirements of the regulator after giving the necessary data and submitting the needed papers online, it may register with and apply for the FSSAI Central licence.

For the application cost, there are online payment methods. You may also check the status of the application. After obtaining a fssai food licence for hotels, an individual may apply for its renewal, request modifications, and request a duplicate licence if required. The Central FSSAI fssai food licence for hotels and the State FSSAI licence are the two different types of hotel FSSAI licences. A food licence must be renewed before to expiration as it is only valid for one year.

To make sure that the food lives up to customer expectations for both quality and substance, the FSS Act of 2006 was implemented. It offers the legal authority in matters of public health and consumer interest. The whole food supply chain, from initial food manufacturing through distribution to merchants and end consumers, is covered by the legislation. It controls and outlines the requirements and quality standards that must be upheld for food-related items. Additionally, there are consequences for operating a food company without an FSSAI licence and providing customers with subpar food.

Muds Management For FSSAI Registration

FSSAI registration consultant- The biggest online compliance services platform in India, MUDS, is committed to providing low-cost assistance to those looking to launch and expand their businesses. With the goal of making it simpler for entrepreneurs to launch their businesses, we were founded in 2013. Since then, we have provided a variety of business services to assist launch and run tens of thousands of enterprises. Our goal is to support the entrepreneur by advising them on the legal and regulatory requirements and acting as a partner for the duration of the company lifecycle, providing assistance at each stage to guarantee that the enterprise remains compliant and keeps expanding.


All of the aforementioned recommendations should be followed if you want to establish a hotel business. These recommendations were developed with public health safety in mind. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India requires that every restaurant owner obtain an Hotels fssai license registration for hotels for their establishment (FSSAI). One of the crucial permits needed to properly operate a restaurant without running afoul of the law is the FSSAI licence. Along with getting FSSAI registration, all restaurants and eateries are required to abide by the following FSSAI regulations to guarantee the safety of their patrons. Depending on the length of time the food business operator requests, ranging from 1 to 5 years, the FSSAI licence or registration will be granted. 30 days before the existing request expires, the FBO must request a renewal.


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