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PoSH: Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace!

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Prevention of Sexual Harassment

PoSH: Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace!

Ignorance Is A Bliss? NOT AT ALL!

If you are unaware of the PoSH Act  2013 and its implications on your company for non-compliance, then beware, you are inviting trouble to your doorstep!

A mammoth problem may hit you like a tsunami and its gigantic waves can destroy the reputation and goodwill established over the years!

Message Behind PoSH: Get It Right!

PoSH stands for Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace derived from Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013.

It is essential for your company and your employees to know what refers to ‘sexual harassment’, how to prevent it from plaguing the workplace, what prohibitions can work, and if, unfortunately, any employee suffers from it, how to seek redressal!

Guarantee Safe Workplace!

Over the years, equal opportunities provided to girls has resulted in them being employed in various sectors in huge numbers. PoSH at work is a right of every worker and any compromises over this can lead to catastrophic consequences.

It is quite infuriating and upsetting to go through data on workplace harassment of women which points out that at least 60% of them go through this horrifying experience!

It is not only an infringement of women’s fundamental rights but also a traumatizing experience that leaves a long-lasting negative impact! More than the physical discomfort, it generates metal agony!

What’s The Best Way To Ensure Safe Workplaces?

The need of the hour is to introduce training sessions and workshops on PoSH act to sensitize your employees about this Act in totality. Expert trainers, who are conversant with the Act, can impart knowledge about each and every aspect of it.

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What Amounts To Sexual Harassment?

The definition of sexual harassment in the Act is exhaustive and covers a very wide range. It states that direct or implied sexual conduct, verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature, sexually coloured remarks, etc. all tantamount to an offence under this Act.

The sexual harassment law has been framed keeping in mind the psychological impact that these incidences leave on the victim. Human dignity should be preserved at all costs and under all circumstances.

Be Compliant!

A company needs to have a Sexual Harassment Policy, should constitute an Internal Complaints Committee and create awareness among employees. It is mandatory to be compliant and follow all the guidelines if any case occurs in your company!

Be Progressive!

Instances of sexual harassment at the workplace somewhere show a regressive mentality and in this, the real value of education, culture, and ethics is washed away. The workplace should provide a sense of security for all so that employees can contribute full-heartedly towards its progress.

Or Pay A Heavy Price!

The ‘#MeToo’ movement that started on social media, has dented the reputation of many big companies and firms and plummeted the career of many high-flying people. It was naming and shaming of people in which the name of companies was also dragged, inciting shame and dishonor!

Take MUDS Cover-All Training!

MUDS- the consulting firm with an impeccable repute, provides both online and offline training module of PoSH, pan India. Its training will give a holistic view of PoSH- its provisions, penalties, mandate, stakeholder responsibilities and all consequences of non-compliance.

MUDS will provide assistance in making your company 100% PoSH compliant and train your team to deal with all the nuances of the Act. It will work towards raising awareness, educating on long term impact of it, how to avoid it, or if a complaint is generated, ways and means of redressal. A hyper-sensitive issue such as sexual harassment needs gentle handling and we at MUDS have well-trained professionals to execute this with effectiveness!

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