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Recover Lost Shares of Adani Green Energy Limited from IEPF

Recover Lost Shares of Adani Green Energy Limited from IEPF

About Adani Green Energy

One of India’s major renewable energy firms, Adani Green Energy Limited (AGEL), has a current project portfolio of 20,434 MW. The Adani Group has pledged to provide India a better, cleaner, and greener future, and AGEL is a part of that. The Company designs, constructs, owns, runs, and maintains utility-scale grid-connected solar and wind farm projects, guided by the Group’s concept of “Growth with Goodness.” The federal, state, and government-backed enterprises are given access to the power produced.

Due to long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) of 25 years with federal and state government agencies, AGEL has grown its footprint throughout 12 Indian states by utilizing its resources. In its initiatives, the company uses the newest technologies. India’s transition to renewable energy is being led by AGEL, which now has 12 projects under construction and 54 operating projects in its portfolio.


The Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) was established in line with Section 205C of the Companies Act of 1956 by the Companies (Amendment) Act of 1999 in order to improve investment education and protect investor interests.

The Indian government created the IEPF return authority to safeguard your cash and stop the company from abusing them. This authority will get your payout if you don’t claim it after seven years.

According to IEPF regulations, the corporation must contact investors by letter, telephone, and post two months before transferring unclaimed dividends, shares, and debentures to IEPF authorities. If you don’t take it, the IEPF will get it. But because practically everyone’s address, email, and phone have changed over time, relatively few individuals are able to find in this procedure. Because of this, you must have seen that modern businesses regularly update their KYC procedures so that investors may receive critical information without interruption.

Even after notification, if a person does not submit a claim, their information is supplied to the IEPF refund authority, and the firm posts this information on its website so that anybody can view it and use it when submitting an IEPF refund or claim.

Now that your possessions have been transferred to the IEPF, if you want your money back, you must fill out the IEPF refund Form-5 and submit it, along with the necessary paperwork, to the Nodal Officer the IEPF has designated. Depending on the category to which your case falls, this process might take anywhere from a month to a year.

You can file a claim with the IEPF Authority for dividends as well as share refunds, matured deposits, matured debentures, etc. Through the implementation of different initiatives, the IEPF Authority periodically informs the investors of these facts. Nevertheless, a sizable amount of unclaimed funds are still held by the IEPF return authority despite the efforts of the corporation and IEPF.

We have seen over a long period of time that many people are unable to claim their shares, debentures, dividends, etc. from the IEPF since the procedure is not as simple as it first appears. This is really complicated, especially if you’re trying to get someone else’s money who has passed away.


Many individuals visit our website MUDS and complain that we are unable to submit claims because IEPF is not paying attention to us, that IEPF rejects our claims because our forms have flaws and occasionally the signal is out of phase, etc.

All of these issues are brought to us, and our professionals are able to handle the entire matter with ease. We explain to clients the reasons the IEPF Refund Authority denied their application. In order to receive your refund quickly and without having to rush about, we demonstrate for them what to do and which required papers to include with the claim form.

Our team at MUDS, which includes CAs, attorneys, market specialists, and IEPF consultants, has been managing these matters for a long time. Why not visit us and get your IEPF refund right away?

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