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Recover Unclaimed Dividends of Motherson Sumi Systems Limited from IEPF

The Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) offers you the chance to recoup any unclaimed dividends from Motherson Sumi Systems Limited. You can follow this guide’s step-by-step instructions to recover any unclaimed dividends you have from the IEPF. Don’t allow your dividends expire; let’s go out on the quest to get what is properly yours!

Step 1: Understand Eligibility for IEPF Claim:

  • Get acquainted with the requirements for claiming unclaimed profits laid out by the IEPF.
  • Make sure that the deadline for claiming your unclaimed profits from Motherson Sumi Systems Limited has passed.
  • Verify that throughout the applicable period, you did not receive or cash the dividend.

Step 2: Collect the Required Documents:

  • Collect necessary paperwork for the IEPF claim procedure, including dividend warrants, dividend statements, and any other evidence of dividend entitlement.
  • Make copies of any pertinent paperwork to keep a record for your records.
  • Get ready with your personal identity documents, such as your passport, Aadhaar card, PAN card, or any other legal form of identification.

Step 3: Visit the IEPF Authority Website:

  • To start the dividend reclamation procedure, go to the IEPF Authority’s official website at
  • To learn more about the materials and recommendations offered, explore the website.
  • Find the part that is specifically for unclaimed dividends and associated claims.

Step 4: Download and Complete the Claim Form:

  • The IEPF Authority website offers a claim form for unclaimed dividends that may be downloaded.
  • Input all necessary information—including your name, address, phone number, and dividend-related information—accurately.
  • Make sure that all of the information you present is consistent with the evidence you have acquired.

Step 5: Attach Supporting Documents:

  • Along with the filled claim form, include the required supporting papers.
  • Include any pertinent papers that prove your eligibility for the unclaimed dividends, such as dividend warrants, dividend statements, and any supporting documentation.
  • Check sure the information on all copies of the papers matches what is on the claim form and is clear and readable.

Step 6: Submit the Claim Form and Supporting Documents:

  • For information on how to submit your claim form and accompanying papers, visit the IEPF Authority website.
  • Whether you want to submit anything physically or online, use the right method.
  • Any acknowledgement or tracking numbers should be kept for future use.

Step 7: Track the Progress of Your Claim:

  • Check the IEPF Authority website frequently for updates on your claim’s progress.
  • To keep track of the status of your claim, use the tracking tools or websites that are accessible.
  • For any questions or further information, if necessary, contact the IEPF Authority helpdesk or customer support.

Step 8: Await Verification and Reimbursement:

  • Wait for notification from the IEPF Authority regarding the reimbursement procedure after your claim has been processed and validated.
  • Complete the refund procedure by adhering to any further instructions or processes that the authority may have supplied.
  • Please be patient during this time because the processing time may vary.


When you take the required actions, recovering your unclaimed dividends from Motherson Sumi Systems Limited through the IEPF is a simple procedure. By following this thorough manual, you have the knowledge necessary to confidently start the reclamation process. Verify your eligibility, collect the necessary paperwork, correctly complete the claim form, and send it to the IEPF. Keep an eye on the status of your claim, be proactive, and wait patiently for your unpaid dividends to be reimbursed. Good luck in retrieving what is properly yours!

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