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Retrieve Your Forgotten Bank Fixed Deposits: Don’t Overlook Your Hard-Earned Savings

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Retrieve Your Forgotten Bank Fixed Deposits: Don't Overlook Your Hard-Earned Savings

We diligently save money in fixed deposits (FDs) to earn stable returns. However, over time and changing life circumstances, these FDs sometimes lie unclaimed – accruing steady interest while we remain unaware. But recovering such unclaimed deposits is easier than it appears. This blog shares reliable ways to track down FDs lying dormant with any bank.

Recovering Your Unclaimed Bank Fixed Deposits: All You Need To Know

What are Unclaimed Bank Deposits?

1. Bank deposits left inactive/dormant for 10 years or more are classified as unclaimed by banks

2. Common reasons – customer migration, branch closures, account number changes etc.

3. The money keeps accruing interest. As per RBI guidelines, banks have to return these to customers when claimed

Tracing Unclaimed FDs: Effective Ways

1. Contact Your Bank

a. Approach the bank branch where you held past FDs

b. Provide details like name, account number, PAN, transaction dates

c. Banks have dedicated unclaimed deposit cells to assist you

d. FDs discontinued over 10 years ago may have been transferred to the RBI

2. Use RBI’s Centralized Database

a. RBI’s Unclaimed Deposits Gateway to Access Information (UDGAM)

b. Searchable online database of unclaimed deposits from various banks

c. Enter name, account number, PAN, Aadhaar etc. to view matching deposits

d. Shows relevant bank details to follow-up with for settlement

3. Submit Request at Bank for Settlement

a. Visit the same bank branch where FD was opened

b. Submit formal request to settle the deposit

c. Provide KYC documents like ID/address proof for verification

d. Bank will process request and repay principal + interest accrued

Additional Tips

a. Renew FDs in time and keep records to avoid losing track

b. Joint FDs require authorization from all holders to claim

c. Nominees can claim FDs directly by providing death certificate

d. Maintain vigilance and persistently follow-up to recover dues

How MUDS Can Expedite Recovering Your Unclaimed FDs

1. FD Recovery Experts: MUDS has long-standing expertise in asset recovery services across financial domains

2. Banking Liaison: Strong relationships with banking authorities to smoothen verification and claims settlement

3. Documentation Support: Help compile all necessary paperwork for FD claims filing

4. Records Investigation: Use UDGAM database searches and bank inquiries to identify unclaimed FDs

5. Claims Management: Follow-up persistently across banks for settlement of your FD claims

6. Swift Settlement: Leverage expertise to expedite legitimate FD claim processing and closure

7. Expert Guidance: Handhold customers throughout the end-to-end FD tracing and recovery process

By engaging MUDS for this specialized assistance, you can efficiently track down and rightfully regain access to any fixed deposits lying unclaimed across any bank. Their knowledge and banking connections make the entire process seamless.


By reaching out to banks directly or leveraging RBI’s central depository, you can conveniently track and reclaim your unclaimed fixed deposits. Just ensure you provide sufficient personal details and documentation for banks to verify and settle your claims quickly. Be proactive and stay on top of your hard-earned savings – don’t let lack of awareness lead to potential losses. Recover your unclaimed FDs using the guidance above!

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