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7 Ways to Kickstart Your Start-up in India

7 Ways to Kickstart Your Start-up in India

7 Ways to Kickstart Your Start-up in India

  • Some firms require funding to get started.
  • However, as long as you have a brilliant concept, there seem to be various methods to establish your organization without needing to worry about costs.
  • Here are some tips from genuine Quora users with business expertise, ranging from service firms to affiliate marketing to contacting clients.

As these responses demonstrate, building a business with just a fantastic concept and greater drive than the competitors is extremely doable. There are various ways to put your passion into action, like beginning a dropshipping business, experimenting with affiliate marketing, and reaching out to clients in novel ways.

“Handily beat other enterprises if you start off with less money” 

With a spirit of humility and happy diligence, an entrepreneur who had lost everything in a previous unsuccessful enterprise rebounded back and went to a new city with virtually no money and bought a few pool cleaning equipment. He moved on to start a pool cleaning business, which he sold for $50,000 in just 10 weeks. He explained that he didn’t have the money to run a direct mail campaign, so he went door to door to establish his client base. 

He then repeated the process, understanding that he was really excellent at creating a client route and that there were lots of current pool cleaning firms that were not so good at growing who would gladly buy a route from him. In a year, he could create and sell four routes. ” Profit will make its way into your hands if your company works harder than its competition. Every entrepreneur in Myers’ stories started with little money, worked harder than established opponents, and won’t wait for consumers to arrive at them.

  • Start a service company

Simon Cave, a Quora user, says that service firms are simple to start since they don’t need the creation of a product. You probably already have the talents that others require. He provides the following services:

  • If you can write, you can develop content for clients.
  • Develop applications for clients if you comprehend how to design.
  • Provide interpretation services if you know another language.
  • Provide financial solutions if you have an MBA in finance.
  • Offer community business solutions if you are active on social networks.
  • No Money!! Then spend more time

When he established his firm, Nightwatch, Quora user Alja Fajmut realised the value of time. He encountered delays, problems, and team conflicts while developing the app. He could have had a safety net if he had saved a bit more and taken his time. “, he writes “You will have setbacks and delays, just like every other software company. And you should be ready for them. If you don’t have a lot of money, at the very least give yourself enough time to recover if something goes wrong.”

Although Fajmut’s idea was ultimately successful, he would have benefited from knowing this knowledge before beginning his company.

  • Market research should be carried out

Lily Booker, a Quora member, too recognizes the power of the service sector. However, without thorough study, your company may be unable to find a market niche. Check to see whether there’s a competition to your business and if there is, make sure yours does this is something that the opponent can’t. She explains:

“To begin with, starting a business necessitates your time and a strong will to succeed. Most people believe that having a lot of money is necessary to start a business, but if you have a strong business concept and conduct your market research properly, you may succeed with little to no money. To be a successful entrepreneur, you must be willing to make difficult decisions and make several sacrifices. Most people will tell you that starting a services business is a good idea if you don’t have a lot of money because they don’t require much. However, as I previously stated, a smart company concept and market research that demonstrates your prospective target audience can attract a large number of financiers.”

  • Adopt a “sell first, grow later” strategy.

“You may simply start a company with little money. How? Nothing should be purchased. This isn’t a prank. Spending money on anything and everything is a bad idea. You’ll be shocked at how much money you can save and still develop your business.”

Singh goes on to describe a fictional shoe-selling firm. Instead than hiring someone to build a website with odd issues for three months, construct a Facebook profile and discover a free logo generator. According to Singh, unless you make money selling your product or service, your firm doesn’t have to appear like a million-dollar endeavour.

  • Consider using the drop-shipping approach.

“Price arbitrage, or drop shipping, is a fancy word for finding low-cost items and selling them at a premium cost. You will not need capital or storage room if you run a drop-shipping firm. All you have to do now is set up your shop, list your items, and concentrate on marketing and sales.”

Briones’ five-step technique includes the following steps: 

1) identifying your niche, 

2) locating a drop-ship provider, 

3) obtaining a sales tax ID, 

4) selecting a selling platform, and 

5) marketing your business

He also gives numerous suggestions in his response, such as launching a referral scheme. “Referral discounts are a basic marketing approach for promoting your online shop and helping you reach new clients quickly,” he continues.

  • Create a striking first move.

Tom Nault, a Quora user, highlights the benefits of having no money, including the daring actions you might make to start a business. This involves purchasing a failing venture: “My response may surprise you, but if you don’t have any money, it implies you can take chances that others cannot.” This implies you’ll be able to make big first movements that others won’t be able to. This is a plus.

Then there’s the fact that other people’s errors may become your economic equity. A strange remark, yet a lot of failing businesses are the result of clearly bad administration or some constricted viewpoint. Those businesses are frequently taken over for free. You may often purchase them for as little as a debt assumption from the previous firm, especially if the creditors don’t want the old business to close.”


  • The license holder of the firm or registered partnership deed as proof of business registration.
  • A concise description of your business’s creative idea was requested in the Business Idea Brief.
  • Details on the director, including their qualifications, role in the firm, and so on, are required by the Core Team.
  • Other pertinent information, such as any money received, any IPR applied, and the number of workers, including the founders and their positions.


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