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How to Get Company Registration Number

How to get company registration number

How to Get Company Registration Number

The article addresses the Company Registration Number, its distinction from the CIN, and the validation process.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, or MCA, is a reliable website that includes all incorporated firms in India, if they’re not publicly listed. It holds details on all types of enterprises, especially limited liability partnerships (LLPs) (Limited Liability Partnership). The Indian government would make all data public here on MCA webpage, where anyone may view.

In 2006, the Government of India announced the MCA21 programme, which digitally mastered the company registration process in India. You may seek up the Company Reg Number on the MCA webpage (

On the MCA portal, one may search up a firm’s CRN, date of incorporation, kind of organisation, shareholders, and other information.

What is the CRN in financial term?

  • CRN stands for Company Registration Number, and it is a 6 unique identification number granted to businesses by the RoC at the time of commencement.
  • The most common problem we see is that people regularly mix up the CRN and the CIN. In contrast, the CRN and the CIN are diametrically opposite.

Let us first differentiate between the two.

What is the distinction between CRN and CIN?CRN and CIN are indeed used to study the data of a corporation, although they are not always the same. The fundamental distinctions between CRN and CIN are as follows:

  • CRN is a six-digit number, whereas CIN is twenty-one digits.
  • CRN is merely a collection of numbers, but CIN is a combination of letters and numbers.
  • The CRN is only available on the MCA site, although the Corporate Identification Number (CIN) is shown on RoC Business license

What procedures must be followed in validating the Company Registration Number?

The CRN may be authenticated on the MCA website in three simple steps. To begin, you may see its business type, directors’ names, date of creation, and so on by going onto the MCA website. Accounting records and other corporate data, such as annual reports, are also accessible.

Reviewing the Registration Number of the Company

Again when the firm has submitted the SPICe form for the enrollment process and gotten the Incorporation Certificate, the Firm Registration Number may be verified.

The following are the procedures for confirming a company’s registration number:

Step 1: Navigate to the MCA website.

Navigate to the MCA website,, and select MCA services

Step 2: Again from drop-down option, select View Company/LLP Master Data.

Step 3: Enter your company’s CIN. From the MCA website, click the ‘View Company/LLP Master Data’ button. You will be sent to a new area.

Insert the Company’s CIN/FCRN/LLPIN/FLLPIN on the redirected new page. Then input the captcha symbol and press the submit button. If the CIN of the company is unknown, simply click the search button, input the business address, and click; the CIN value will be displayed.

Step 4: The master data for the firm will be shown.

Finally, you will be sent to the aforementioned firm’s details, where you may input the Company Reg Number.

You will recieved the following information on the result page:

  1. CIN
  2. RoC Code Company Registration Number Company Category Company Name
  3. Subcategory of business (if applicable)
  4. Company Type Date of Incorporation
  5. Paid-up capital authorised
  6. Members’ number Registered address
  7. E-mail address on file
  8. Undercharged Assets
  9. Directors personal information data

What further services does MCA provide?

The firm’s charge index is one of the several services available on the MCA website.

By providing the jurisdiction of the charge, the sum of the charge, and the location of the charge bearer, you may verify the company’s financial position.

It provides the following information as well as a list of the company’s directors:

  1. DIN
  2. Directors’ names
  3. Director Designation/Position
  4. Directors’ residential addresses
  5. DSC status as of the day of appointment


The techniques for verifying the Company Registration Identification, a six-digit unique identifier used to identify the company’s data, are covered in the article. In addition, the study distinguishes between the Company Registration Number and the Corporate Identification Number.

Thus, to discover whether or not a company is registered with MCA, simply follow the procedures provided in the article and you will be notified.

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