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Claim Unclaimed Shares of Dabur India Limited from IEPF Authority

Claim Unclaimed Shares of Dabur India Limited from IEPF Authority

According to section 125 of the Companies Act of 2013, the Central Government created a fund called the Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF), which is credited, among other things, with the amount of dividend that is unclaimed or unpaid for seven years after it is transferred to the Unpaid Dividend Account. As a result, the company deposited to the IEPF the unpaid/unclaimed sum related to the Final Dividend for the financial year 2012–2013 and the Interim Dividend for the financial year 2013–2014, respectively.

Below on this page are the specifics of all underpaid and unclaimed dividend sums that are on the Company’s books, together with the relevant due dates for IEPF transfers. Before the money is sent to the IEPF, investors may request the Company to release any unclaimed or underpaid funds owed to them in exchange for their contact information.


An organisation that operates under the MCA is known as the IEPF (Investors Education and Protection Fund) (Ministry of Current Affairs). If the dividend for those shares is not claimed for 7 years or more, the shares will be transferred to the IEPF. The businesses write dividend checks to shareholders. These shares are known as unclaimed shares, and the dividends are known as unclaimed dividends if the dividend checks are not deposited for more than 7 years. Both the unclaimed dividends and the unclaimed shares will be given to IEPF, which will have control over them until the shareholder recovers them.

To assist shareholders in recouping and claiming unclaimed dividends and shares of any corporation from the IEPF, MUDS offers services throughout India.

We have contacted the company and the company’s registrar for the shares related to DABUR INDIA LIMITED company and assisted the shareholders in claiming and recovering their unclaimed shares and unclaimed dividends from IEPF in numerous cases where it was necessary to contact the company and the company’s registrar.

Here are a few details about the company:

The registered address of the company:




Any service requests, such as those for share dematerialization, IEPF recovery, transfer of shares, duplicate share certificates, mutual fund recovery, and share dividend recovery, are always welcome at MUDS.

Here are a few details about MUDS:-

90, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd, Industrial Development Area, 

Sector 16, Gurugram, 

Haryana 122007

CONTACT: +91 9599653306

The IEPF offers a variety of methods and procedures for claiming unclaimed dividends and unclaimed shares:

In our work at MUDS, we came across and resolved numerous cases involving the recovery of unclaimed shares and unclaimed dividends from the IEPF. The shares were transferred to IEPF for a variety of reasons. Due to a shareholder’s change of address, death, or loss of the original share certificate, the majority of the shares were transferred to IEPF. Most people are unaware that if they wait seven years or longer to claim the dividend, their shares will be transferred to the IEPF.

We are really happy that MUDS may have answers and processes for every issue that comes up in relation to recovering shares and dividends.

For various circumstances, we employ various procedures. While some operations are quick and easy, others are drawn out and time-consuming.

In the event that the original share certificate was misplaced or lost, we assisted our clients in obtaining the shares that had been transferred to the IEPF. Additionally, we have a successful track record of collecting shares and dividends in cases involving minors, deceased shareholders, deceased shareholders and nominees, multiple legal heirs, legal heirs, and family members.

Any company’s shareholders will face difficulties in reclaiming their shares and dividends.

We received numerous inquiries when recovering the shares and dividends of DABUR INDIA LIMITED, including: Please feel free to contact us for any assistance.

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