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Claim Unclaimed Shares of FSN E-Commerce Ventures Limited from IEPF Authority

Claim Unclaimed Shares of FSN E-Commerce Ventures Limited from IEPF Authority

Recovering Your Unclaimed Nykaa Shares from the IEPF

Nykaa has been one of the hottest stock market listings in recent times. As an investor, you may have received shares during the IPO or invested later attracted by the immense growth potential of this fashion-tech unicorn. 

However, over time, with demat account changes or communication gaps, you may have lost track of your hard-earned Nykaa shares. As per Indian regulations, if dividends on shares remain unclaimed for seven consecutive years, the shares are liable to be transferred to the IEPF. 

But you can recover your Nykaa stocks even if they have been moved to the IEPF through a clear process. This blog provides a step-by-step guide to claiming back your unclaimed Nykaa shares seamlessly.

Understanding Key Shareholder Responsibilities

Before learning about the operational aspects of reclaiming Nykaa shares, it is vital to understand two cardinal shareholder responsibilities:

1. Updating contact information  

Notify changes in address, phone number or email ID promptly to the RTA and respective DPs to receive regular investor communications without disruptions.

2. Encash dividends in time

Clipping coupons by encashing dividend cheques or warrants in time ensures your shares do not get transferred to the IEPF. Track AGM meeting dates and payout declarations.

Fulfilling both responsibilities is essential to avoid losing your Nykaa investment to the IEPF due to lack of shareholder diligence.

Decoding the IEPF Transfer of Unclaimed Shares 

The Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) has been established under the Companies Act to regulate and monitor unclaimed investor funds. All companies have to mandatorily transfer shares on which dividends remain unpaid for a total and continuous period of seven years to this MCA-supervised fund.

Some reasons why shareholders miss encashing Nykaa dividends leading to forced IEPF transfers may include:

  • Forgotten investments: IPO frenzy entices investors but long-term monitoring drops
  • Errors during demat account changes 
  • Outdated or incorrect contact information 
  • Overlooking dividend payout communications
  • Procedural lapses by companies/RTAs

After crediting such unclaimed shares, dividends and other corporate assets to the IEPF, companies file electronic returns with the MCA, notifying the authority about rightful claimant details, number of shares transferred and more. This enables future claims fulfillment.

Once funds or assets remain with the IEPF unpaid for a period of 14 years, they are transferred to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund permanently. So the seven year period to recover your assets via the IEPF is critical before they get forfeited perpetually.

Reclaiming Your Nykaa Shares from IEPF

If your Nykaa shares have been transferred to the IEPF Authority, you can recover them by submitting an online application in the prescribed Form IEPF-5 along with requisite documents. Follow the step-by-step process below:

Step 1) Register on MCA Portal

Visit the MCA website and sign-up providing email ID and mobile number. Validate your account and set a password.

Step 2) Access Online Services 

Log into the portal with your credentials, go to ‘My Services’ and select the ‘IEPF-5’ form link to apply for a refund.

Step 3) Submit IEPF-5 Form

Accurately fill in all details like claimant name, folios affected, number of shares due, contact information and upload necessary supporting documents.

Step 4) Make Payment

Pay the standard MCA portal processing fee of Rs. 10 per affected DD/PO/SRN using net banking, UPI, cards, IMPS or NEFT. 

Step 5) Track Claim Status

Track the status of your Nykaa share refund request by logging into the portal. You will also receive email/SMS notifications on the application processing stages – approval, rejection or requirement of additional documents.

Accordingly, submit clarifications or missing papers if sought promptly for smooth claim settlement. Rectify issues highlighted in case of initial rejections and resubmit the form. 

Once approved, the number of Nykaa shares claimed will get credited from the IEPF to your DEMAT account based on the details provided in your refund application. The process typically takes 60 days from submission if your form and documents are accurate.

Documents Required for Smooth Claims Processing

To ensure seamless processing of your IEPF-5 to recover unclaimed Nykaa shares, keep scanned copies of the below documents handy for upload:

  • PAN Card 
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Client Master List 
  • Dividend Warrant or Fixed Deposit advice
  • Share Certificate numbers
  • Proof of entitlement or rightful claimant status

Plus, any specific documents related to your claim like unclaimed amount statements, nomination details, death certificates, legal heir certificates and more depending on the situation. Provide complete supporting papers for scrutiny.

Avoid Common Mistakes by Shareholders

Steer clear of the below slip-ups that may lead to denial or delays in your Nykaa share claims from IEPF:

  • Not registering on MCA portal or errors during form-filling
  • Forgetting to attach proper identity and residence proofs
  • Not maintaining mandated documentation as per different claimant category
  • Attaching blurry or illegible copies of documents
  • Not tracking claim status or responding to deficiencies raised  

Being vigilant and diligent while submitting your claim will ensure you can recover your hard-earned Nykaa shares seamlessly from the IEPF.

Key Takeaways

Stay updated on your Nykaa investment with regards to dividend announcements, bonuses or splits to avoid losing shares. Set alerts and monitor portfolios periodically.  Timely encashment ensures no IEPF transfers. Maintain accurate contact information everywhere. If already transferred, reclaim shares methodically from the IEPF following the steps shared above using the MCA portal.

Avoiding Pitfalls: How To Prevent Your Nykaa Shares From Getting Transferred to IEPF

While the IEPF claims process to recover shares may seem straightforward, prevention is always better than cure. As a Nykaa investor, how can you proactively stop your shares from getting pushed to the IEPF due to non-encashment of dividends?

Follow these vital tips:

1. Consolidate Multiple Folios

If you have earned Nykaa shares in multiple demat accounts over various IPO or e-IPO bidding attempts, consolidate them into one account. This gives you one dashboard to monitor versus tracking various accounts. Consolidated portfolios are easier for dividend tracking.

2. Register Email/Mobile with RTA 

Ensure your email ID and mobile number are updated in your demat account for seamless communications from Link Intime India Private Ltd, Nykaa’s RTA. Alerts regarding dividend announcements or unclaimed payments get sent periodically via email and SMS.  

3. Mark Calendar for Nykaa AGMs

Once you receive intimation about Nykaa’s Annual General Meeting date expected during July-September, mark it prominently in your calendar. Note the dividend payment timeline – interim, final or one-off special – to encash promptly during that financial year.

4. Opt for Easy Encashment Methods

Choose electronic payment gateways like ECS, NEFT, RTGS etc for direct and faster credits of Nykaa dividends into your linked bank account. This prevents time lags or misplaced physical dividend warrants. Update bank mandates if opting for physical encashment.

5. Track Portfolio Value

Check capital gains, stock splits, acquisition dates and dividend earnings from time to time in your Nykaa portfolio statement. Periodic value assessments prevent investment proceeds from lying dormant thus inviting IEPF transfers later.

6. Notify for Any Share Transfers

In case you gift, bequeath or sell your Nykaa shares in future for restructuring purposes, notify the change in ownership officially via requests approved by demat providers. This ensures continuity in dividend payments to new holders.

7. Change Nominees if Needed

Review your Nykaa shareholder nomination details actively. Change registered nominees via Form SH-14 in unfortunate events like death of existing ones. This enables heirs to claim dividends / shares easily during succession processes later.  

8. Update KYC Particulars

Having your latest address, mobile number and PAN details against your Nykaa holdings is essential. Use Form ISR-1 available with depositories to record KYC changes. This keeps your investor folio contact-worthy.

Staying vigilant on the above aspects will ensure you remain connected with your Nykaa investment. Tracking dividends actively prevents the forced transfer of unclaimed shares or proceeds to the IEPF. Periodically monitor portfolios and update nomination / KYC details on priority. 

Most IEPF share transfers are avoidable via good investor hygiene. Don’t let administrative negligence drain money from your investments unnecessarily. Follow prudent shareholder practices with promising picks like Nykaa for optimal returns.


Nykaamania makes it tempting to subscribe to new-age startups blindly but maintaining investment hygiene is vital. By keeping documents organized, communications updated, and dividend warrants encashed, ensure your prized Nykaa shares don’t get transferred to IEPF due to negligence. If you have already lost shares to IEPF, get them back through the guided online claims procedure. Stay vigilant to protect your investment wealth as it steadily grows with shining stars like Nykaa over time.

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