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How To File Cyber Law Complaint?

How To File Cyber Law Complaint?

How To File Cyber Law Complaint?

Cyber bullying, Cyber Police, Cyber Crime, Cyber Cell, Cyber Crime Complaints…the list goes on. These terms are used on a regular basis and have become part and parcel of our daily lives since social media has started to dictate the way we live. Cyber Crime is not a fancy word but the reality of today’s time. Government has taken necessary preventive measures to fight against the crimes of the virtual world. Let’s see how to fight against a Cyber Crime in India.

What Is Cyber Crime?

A crime committed using technology, social media websites, a phone, laptop or computer comes under the category of Cyber Crime. These crimes can range from making a derogatory comment on a social media platform to an illegal online money transaction. Many types of cyber crimes have been identified on the basis of Cyber Crime Complaints in the past years. Such as Hacking, Cyber talking, Online Theft, etc.

How To Complaint Against A Cyber Crime In India?

In the case of a Cyber Crime, it becomes really difficult to get a grasp on the situation. Going through a virtual roller coaster ride, it is depressing to have the added pressure of understanding the procedure of filing a complaint against Cyber Crime in India. We have made it simple for you. It involves certain key steps which have been listed below-

#1. Register a written complaint with the Cyber Crime Cell of your city.

#2. Address the complaint to the head of the Cyber Crime Cell. Remember to mention all your details such as name, the mailing address/residential address and contact details.

#3. In the case of online harassment, you can file an FIR in the police station and a legal counsel can be approached to handle the matter.

#4. If you are not able to establish contact with a Cyber Cell, you may report the matter to the police station and get an FIR filed against the criminal.

#5. Most of the crimes that take place in the Cyber world and are covered under the Indian Penal Code are categorized under cognizable offence. It means a warrant is not required for the commencement of investigation or even arrest.

Social Media Cyber Crimes 

Social media platforms are responsible for the rise in the rate of Cyber Crime in India as well as Cyber Crime Complaints. Though, social media platforms have made it quite convenient for their users to complain against offensive content or comment. Users always have access to “Report” which may result in the user getting blocked from the particular social media site. 

Reporting The Offense

Complain Via Email

Step 1. A written, brief account of the offence

Step 2. A copy of the suspected email

Step 3. The complete header of the suspected email

Step 4. Provide the hard and soft copy of the email and its header

Step 5. Make sure that the soft copy is in a CD-R

Yes, it is overwhelming to find yourself circumventing a vicious circle of Cyber Crime Complaints but you need to know that it is the only way out. Cyber Crime Complaints may seem to pile up but you will get through this.

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