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FSSAI Registration for Swiggy – Process, Eligibility and Documents Required

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FSSAI Registration for Swiggy


The largest online food ordering and delivery service in India, Swiggy, was established in July 2014. Based in Bangalore, India, Swiggy serviced 100 Indian cities as of March 2019. Under the brand Swiggy Stores, Swiggy expanded into general product deliveries at the beginning of 2019. Partner restaurants must obtain an FSSAI registration or licence in order to be listed on the Swiggy online platform. Swiggy does not permit partner restaurants to be included in their application without an FSSAI licence.

All Swiggy businesses must register for an FSSAI Food Safety License before launching, according to India’s food safety standard authority (FSSAI).

You can rely on MUDS Experts to simplify the FSSAI registration procedure for your Swiggy. The procedure is really easy to follow. Simply sign in to the LegalDocs website. Upload the necessary paperwork, then pay for it. The FSSAI Food License Certificate will be sent to your door in only one day.

What Are the Types of FSSAI Food Licence Registration?

The three food licences are different from one another based on how big of a food business is being run. The three food licences are described in full in the sections that follow.

1) Basic FSSAI Registration

Basic registration for food licensing is necessary if a food business’s yearly sales are less than Rs. 12 lakh. Basic food safety registration (also known as FoSCoS registration) is typically completed while beginning a business. If the anticipated annual revenue reaches Rs. 12 Lakh, this registration can be upgraded to a state licence.

FSSAI Registration for Swiggy Process?

A wide range of businesses, including small pan shops, tea stalls, home-based food operators, small warehouses, canteens, mid-day meal services, and food processors, are required to obtain basic FSSAI registration if their dairy has a capacity of less than 500 litres per day or a daily manufacturing capacity of less than 100 kg. This licence has a 5-year maximum and a 1-year minimum term.


What Are the Documents Required for Basic FSSAI Registration?

  1. A proof of business address (Electricity bill or rent agreement)
  2. Passport-size photograph
  3. The company’s name and address
  4. Aadhaar card / Owner’s Identity Proof.
  5. Business activity specifics: Swiggy’s food industry.



One must get a state FSSAI licence if their yearly food company revenue exceeds Rs. 12 lakh but falls short of Rs. 20 crores.

FSSAi Registration for Swiggy Process?

All manufacturing facilities with a daily capacity of up to 2 MT, dairy facilities with a daily capacity of up to 50000 litres, 3-star hotels and above, repackaging and relabeling facilities, club canteens, and other catering operations must apply for a state licence. This licence has a 5-year maximum and a 1-year minimum term.


Benefits of FSSAI Registration for Swiggy

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, a body that oversees and regulates the food industry in India, is referred to by the abbreviation FSSAI Food Registration. It guarantees that food items go through quality tests, which lowers food corruption and the selling of inferior commodities. It lays out the laws and regulations for operating food companies in India and is crucial for the registration of Food Business Operators (FBOs) in that country. Any FBO engaged in producing, processing, managing food storage, or selling food items is required to get an FSSAI Food License or FSSAI Registration. Depending on the location and kind of operation, FBO has to obtain the necessary registration or licence.

Documents Required for FSSAI Registration for Swiggy?

FSSAI license registration for swiggy is a 14-digit FSSAI registration number or food licence number on every food packaging. This registration process aims to provide the FBO greater accountability for maintaining the standard of food goods. Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Swiggy, Zomato, Food Panda, and others all offer online FSSAI food registration services.


How Muds Management helps you in FSSAI Registration?

FSSAI Registration Verification-

The Food Safety Standards Authority of India, often known as the FSSAI Authority, grants licences that signify its acceptance or assent. The FSSAI Authority is the government organisation that reports to the Ministry of Health. Only after receiving a licence in India is the proprietor of a food firm allowed to run. Every operator of a food company in India has to acquire an FSSAI licence. Even the proprietor of a small tea business is required by FSSAI standards to file an online application for a licence.

There are three types of licences available under FOSCOS Fssai, and they vary depending on factors, including the company’s yearly revenue, daily production capacity, and kind of business, among others. Following application, the Food Operation Operator receives a fourteen-digit licence number that must be placed on the packaging of food items and displayed prominently in the place of business. Fssai licences provide clients of food company operators assurance regarding adequate quality while reducing the amount of adulteration and inferior products. 


Swiggy FSSAI License-

We at MUDS (FSSAI registration consultant) offer an online platform for FSSAI Food License for swiggy Registration Consultants. We are reputable FSSAI Consultants or authorised Food Licence Agents. Raag Consultants has connections with more than 10,000 clients. The following are the distinctive services that we offer in relation to Fssai Food Licence for swiggy:

  •   Free professional counsel and the availability of your company’s name.
  • Pickup of the required paperwork from your location.
  • Creating and submitting an online Fssai Food License Registration Consultants application.
  • Assisting with the arrangement of papers that are not already in your possession, such as the Water Test Report, the Premises BluePrint, and other ad hoc documents.
  • Promptly communicate the latest updates and FSSAI Authority instructions.


Assisting and advising the food business operator during the FSSAI Inspection regarding the checkpoints, such as the need for the premises to be clean and sanitised on a regular basis, the need for employees to be healthy and to wear proper masks and gloves, the need for raw materials, semi-cooked foods, and cooked foods to be stored in accordance with proper FSSAI guidelines, etc. that the food business operator must meet in order to pass the inspection. Verify that you will provide the licence within 7 days of the application date. Provide timely information on the renewal of FSSAI licences and food licences.

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