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Procedure to Recover Shares of Vedanta Limited from IEPF

Recover Shares of Vedanta

Recover Shares of Vedanta Limited 

Company Overview

One of the world’s leading providers of natural resources, Vedanta Limited, a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources Limited, primarily operates in India, South Africa, and Zinc, Lead, Silver, Copper, Iron Ore, and Steel. Australia and Namibia. The Company’s strategic skills and relationships are wholly dedicated to generating and protecting value for its illustrious customers and the larger stakeholder community. With a contribution of 34500 crores in FY 2021, the Company is among the top private sector contributors to the government coffers.

Vedanta is dedicated to bringing about sustainable and responsible growth. They are also devoted to sustainability in mining techniques, employee health and safety, and community development. The Company has received the FIVE-S Workplace Management System certification and the CII – ITC Sustainability Awards Bhamashah Award. The American Depositary Shares (ADS) of Vedanta Limited listed on the New York Stock Exchange in addition to the BSE Limited and the National Stock Exchange of India Limited.

COVID Strategy

The COVID-19 epidemic is causing an unparalleled humanitarian and economic disaster. To safeguard the health of its workers and the communities it serves, our metal and mining sector has worked hard to act promptly. These actions are a response to (and frequently come before) the emergency measures and lockdowns that governments worldwide have implemented to stop the epidemic from spreading.

Our top focus during these trying times is to protect the well-being of our staff, subcontractors, and stakeholders while doing all in our power to maintain company continuity. At the group level, we have developed several safeguards to stop the spread of illness and preserve business continuity. We have established a Group level COVID task team, which is led by Ms. Priya Agarwal, Group HSE Head Comm. Nand Ghar is the CEO, head of HR, and CMO. To avoid spreading the infection, there is a formalized business COVID task force comprised of representatives from various departments. Their duties include implementing strict controls and SOPs/protocols, auditing the relevant units to ensure compliance with COVID protocols, and monitoring and reporting on the activities to the business CEO and Group task force.

Company Performance

Vedanta has an impressive portfolio of scalable, low-cost assets of the highest caliber that continuously create good profits and provide steady cash flows. As one of the biggest globally diversified natural resources corporations, we continue strengthening our position. With a major emphasis on operational performance, we are positioned in the commodities industry, where there is a growing demand from one of the world’s largest and fastest developing economies. Asset planning, operational excellence, cost management, productivity improvement, risk mitigation, increased use of technology, greater innovation, and digitalization have all contributed to improving the delivery of our assets. As we got closer to zero damage, zero waste, and zero discharge, our top objective was to concentrate on ethics, governance, and social license to operate.

The previous year was difficult since there was a lot of uncertainty in the macroenvironment due to the appearance of new coronaviruses (COVID-19). However, we quickly adjusted to the new realities with the help of our dynamic workforce’s unwavering support.

We experienced some of our finest quarters in FY 2021 for our three big companies, zinc, oil & gas, and aluminum. By implementing structural adjustments in FY 2021, we could maintain our low-cost edge in aluminum. While optimizing our coal and bauxite supply mix, we also kept moving forward with our efforts to increase operational effectiveness and decongest our assets for better capacity utilization. We completed 1.2 MnT of mined metal project activities for Zinc India operations and continued production after the firm switched to a fully underground mining model. In terms of silver output, we are gaining ground and hope to rank among the top three nations in the world. 

Zinc International’s performance ramp-up is still going strong, resulting in Gamsberg’s greatest production level to date and ongoing cost savings. We kept completing expansion projects in the oil and gas industry, including commissioning a new gas plant, ramping up polymer injection, and upgrading liquid handling capacity.

As we anticipate the next year, we are operationally well-positioned to perform. With a pipeline of assets in production, development, and exploration, we are among the world’s lowest-cost producers of oil and gas and the largest private sector producer of crude oil in India. We are the largest fully integrated zinc-lead producer in the world. Supported by our captive power generation in primary aluminum production and are India’s largest producer. We excelled in important environmental, social, and governance (ESG) elements throughout the year. Our position in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, which rose nine spots to place us in 12th place globally in our sector, attests to this.

Expanding our reserves and resource base, focusing on our growth plan, and having a solid financial sheet and talent base are some of our Company’s advantages. Technology and modernization efforts work together to make the Company genuinely inspirational. 

This annual report includes the Company’s standalone and consolidated financial statements for the fiscal year that ended on March 31, 2021, prepared under Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS) and the provisions of the Companies Act 2013 and SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations 2015 (Listing Regulations).

Crores of Dividend Funds Are Lying In IEPF Claim Funds 

According to the statement, the dividend will be paid within the legal timeframe, and the record date for dividend purposes is December 18, 2021. The world’s largest mining company, Vedanta, announced on Saturday that its board had authorized a second interim compensation for the fiscal year 2021–2022 of Rs 13.50 per equity share, costing Rs 5,019 crore.

“…we desire to tell you that the Board of Directors of the firm has recommended a Second Interim Dividend of Rs 13.50 per equity share, i.e., 1,350 percent on the face value of Re 1/- per share, for the Financial Year 2021-22, totaling to Rs 5,019 crores,” the Company stated in a BSE filing.

The dividend will paid within legal timeframes, and the record date for dividend payment purposes is December 18, 2021, it was further said.

To unlock value and streamline its corporate structure, the firm said last month that it had chosen to establish a new board to conduct a thorough assessment and assess opportunities for demergers, spin-offs, and strategic partnerships.

The new board committee will assess and offer recommendations for choices and alternatives to the board of directors.

The corporation had stated that it intended for the aluminum, iron & steel, and oil & gas divisions to be placed in independent listed organizations, subject to a thorough examination.

Recover Your Vedanta Share: IEPF Claim Guidelines

The creation of a computerized procedure for reclaiming past dividends and shares by the “Investor Education and Protection Fund Authority” is well on its way to solving one of the equities investing industry’s most irritating problems, which is that of lost money and shares (IEPFA).

How to Claim Shares from IEPF?

Recovery of Vedanta Limited Dividends: IEPF Claim Guidelines

In the past, the underlying paper shares and the rules governing recovery dividends and other distributions in India were wholly unjust. Money that went iepf unclaimed shares for several years had to be given by the corporation to the government under the previous Companies Act. The money essentially belonged to the government if no claimant ever appeared. The statute said anybody might show up, and IEPF claimed the money, in principle.

This was not, however, a simple issue. The applicable rules stated that “where the claimant’s right to the money as mentioned above has been proven to the satisfaction of the Registrar of Companies, the Registrar may require the claimant to perform an indemnity bond with or without surety” and similar phrases.

The funds were finally incorporated into the government of India’s revenue account. An average individual would not be expected to follow through on anything like this if they suspected their parents had neglected to buy them some shares. And those who can obtain legal and secretarial assistance to do this are likely never to fail to pay dividend checks or lose track of their equities holdings.

The 2013 Companies Act included several minor regulation changes. Dividends that go if unclaimed shares for more than seven years would be given to the IEPFA under the new law. Aside from that, paper shares whose dividends were unpaid for a continuous seven years are also transferred to the ownership of this ministry-affiliated organization (MCA).

Finally, a new digital procedure is being implemented. Investors who did not file a dividend IEPF claim and whose dividends and maybe shares have been transferred to the IEPFA may do so through this method by registering on the website

How to claim the dividend of Vedanta Limited?

They can then apply with their dividend information and thorough identification documentation. They receive the restitution of their lost property when the information is verified. So far, approximately Rs 200 crore of the cash has been returned to the legitimate claimants.

Convert Physical Shares Into Demat of Vedanta Limited With MUDS

Hopefully, as word of the IEPFA’s services grows, this issue will progressively become smaller. In any event, dividend payments for shares held in a Demat account are deposited directly to investors’ bank accounts. This implies that new investors’ inability to be tracked should disappear over time and that most existing funds will ultimately be tracked.

Another issue is the analogous untraceability of earlier mutual fund investments. As per Muds Management, the size of untraceable money in mutual funds is much larger than that of corporate dividends. The mutual funds themselves must deal with that matter because it has nothing to do with MCA or IEPF.


Around a year ago, $44,000 crore in orphaned funds in mutual funds. This amounts to around 1.75 percent of the whole value of mutual funds. This is large because many mutual fund investors traditionally made tiny initial investments and promptly forgot about them.

The proportion might be double that if I make the logical assumption that practically all of this comes from individuals rather than businesses. Again, this is likely quite old money, and if investors are identified over time, the issue will lessen, given the long-standing KYC and PAN card rules.

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