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Did Someone Steal Your Data? You Have The Solution

Did Someone Steal Your Data? You Have The Solution

Someone Steal Your Data? You Have The Solution

In the world dominated by information and technology, data has become more precious than gold and diamonds. World’s biggest organisations are giving each other a cut-throat competition in the race of data collection. Even governments are not immune to the temptation of data theft. With our rapidly increasing involvement on social media and shopping websites, we have become easy prey for the data collecting predators. Data theft in India and across the world has become a common practice but being common doesn’t make it acceptable. Data theft is a serious crime.

What is Data Theft?

Data is a valuable asset in today’s world. It could be used as a weapon or a powerful tool by the corporates to attract a huge mass of consumers. Companies spend millions to collect data so that they can become the biggest brand by attracting millions of consumers in turn. But what happens when the I.T. the department of the company fails to protect that data. It becomes a weapon in the hands of rival corporates or even governments. Data is such a powerful tool that countries are actively stealing data from other nations to have a stronger grip on each other.

How to Prevent Data Theft in India?

The powerful technology has brought equally powerful means of disrupting the peace. Data theft is a reason for contention among several countries. Data theft in India is not a rare practice but the means of preventing data theft are strong. Section 66 of the Information Technology Act 2000 deals with the offences related to computers. Section 43 of the same Act ensures the provision of penalty and compensation in the case of damage to the computer or computer system. Section 75 of the Information Technology Act ensures data safety outside India irrespective of the nation and the nationality of the thief. If the offence involves a computer located in India, Section 75 makes the person using that computer liable for the offence.

How to Complaint Against  Data Theft in India?

It’s a situation of panic if your data gets stolen. But what you need to do is take data theft legal action, instead of feeling jittery. It is quite depressing to think of the tedious procedure that you have to go through and even more depressing is to figure out the procedure. But taking data theft legal action is not that complicated. Read the steps given below and you are ready to combat the nasty situation of data theft and also for data theft legal action.

#1. Write an application to the head of the cyber cell and provide the following details in the application:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Phone number

#2. In case of data theft, few more details are required which have been listed below-

  • Logs of the server
  • Hard and soft copy of the deflected page
  • Control mechanism details
  • List of suspects

Data theft can be a source of mental trauma but if you pay attention to details, you can prevent it. Do not shy away from reporting a Cyber Crime, it is your right to feel protected. 

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